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Cardiff fans mistaken for Chelsea fans by Chelsea's official Facebook page

4.89K   //    13 May 2014, 15:55 IST
Cardiff City fans mistaken as Chelsea fans by Chelsea's Facebook page

Cardiff City fans mistaken for Chelsea fans by Chelsea’s Facebook page

A Social Media error can be a nightmare. Sometimes most get away with it, a quick deletion of the post and it’s all forgotten. Sometimes Most of the time, especially with accounts that have big followers, someone would have saved a quick screenshot of the post, spread it out and make it go Viral in a matter of minutes. These errors can be forgiven, but it’s really hard to forgive Chelsea’s Social Media manager. For two reasons.

1) Not only did the individual make an error, but in nearly 24 hours despite the error being pointed out, it hasn’t been corrected. Shocking that in this day & age with quick communication, fast internet, and instant editing abilities.

2) The second one, is probably not forgivable on any level. The individual who controls Chelsea’s Facebook page, posted a picture of Cardiff fans at their home stadium, and mistook them for away Chelsea fans during the Premier League game on Sunday. Failure to recognise your own fans, is just so wrong, on so many levels.

As you can imagine, Chelsea have been the focus of many jokes across the Social Media Network, and understandably so. They’re not helping their case by failing to as much as rectify their mistake, let alone an apology.

Chelsea have now removed the image, after it being live for 22 hours.

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