Cristiano Ronaldo - Coping with the departure of a legend and the life ahead.

Real Madrid Celebrate After Victory In The Champions League Final
Ashim Khan
Modified 22 Jul 2018

This is an anecdote about a staunch Real Madrid fan who has been in love with Cristiano Ronaldo for a long time. The person who will, with all his heart, keep cheering Real Madrid, but just glance at Ronaldo playing for Juventus from the corner of his eye every game-night in Seria A.

I can't name the person, because it's not just one person. I'm putting forward the sentiments that dwell within millions of dejected hearts that now seek solace. But to keep things in perspective, let's assume it's just a person. So when I use a 'He', it means that one person who for now can't come to terms with the reality that CR7 is really gone.

Ronaldo had to go someday, he knew that. But year after year, he rejoiced as the transfer window went by and the King stayed at the Bernabeu. But the feeling that he was going to leave got stronger and stronger, and this was the year when it finally happened.

But it's still very difficult to believe that the name Ronaldo will no longer appear in the team sheets for Real Madrid from now on. The transfer itself was sensational. It started as a theory, a mere proposal. Then rumors turned into claims and sooner than expected claims turned into the reality. And whoosh! He was gone.

Most probably, people like him will start watching Juventus in Serie A because of Cristiano Ronaldo. That's the only way to cope with the present situation. Yes, Real Madrid is bigger than any individual, even if we're talking about the Ronaldo. But as they say, the heart wants what it wants right? And as long as there's light in these eyes, he'll yearn to watch the Portuguese grace the field with his presence.

Well, excuse me, I'm not being overly romantic, but when you've been idolizing someone for the past 10 years, it's almost, if not exactly, like a love affair. And even though it's just like a long distance relationship now, it's not hard to comprehend what it must feel like. Will he watch Cristiano Ronaldo play? Yes. Is he still going to support Real Madrid? Absolutely. But there it is, it's almost like choosing between food and water, you simply can't. You need both. He needs both.

Juventus - Cristiano Ronaldo Day

Within 24 hours of signing the prolific goal-scoring machine, Juventus sold Jerseys worth 60 million dollars with 'Ronaldo' written at the back. So he's definitely not the only one obsessing over the man from Madeira.

If I may quote ESPN - "Juventus have not just bought a player, they've bought a brand". A brand that Real Madrid has sold, something they think they can replace. Maybe they will in time, but it won't be the same. It will never be the same. God knows what he'll do when the likes of Marcelo and Ramos leave Real, but fortunately, that's something we don't have to worry about right now.

The Classicos won't be the same again, La Liga won't be the same again. Heck, the Bernabeu won't be the same again, ever. He hopes Ronaldo can help the insurgency of Seria A and help Juventus finally bring home the Champions League Trophy.

Becoming a club's most expensive signing at the age of almost 34, that's pressure. But we all know that's just the kind of fuel that drives CR7 forward. With a heavy heart filled with hope, he wishes that Real Madrid can successfully 'replace' Ronaldo and find a worthy successor for the throne left vacant by the man who came in as a superstar and left as a legend.

Published 22 Jul 2018
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