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Cristiano Ronaldo's behaviour was disappointing and he needs to be more selfless

Saurav Lahon
3.56K   //    01 May 2015, 05:35 IST
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo seemed disappointed at being unable to score against Almeria

Cristiano Ronaldo was frustrated in the match against Almeria because he could not score and the one opportunity that came his way, his teammate Alvaro Arbeloa scored instead, sliding in front of him. As a result, he kicked the ball in frustration having not been able to score. Ronaldo’s behaviour after the goal was uncalled for and has widely been criticized on social media. Some call it hunger and desire while others call it arrogant. Nevertheless, you can’t expect such behaviour from a player who has won so many awards.


Football is a team game and not a one-man show. In the spirit of the game, it is required for all players to have a mutual understanding and respect among them. By behaving in the manner that he did, Ronaldo has not only again shown to the world that he is arrogant, but also that he lacks team ethics. If the goal is dissected, Chicharito’s cross had to be met by someone in the box. If not Ronaldo, then Arbeloa, then why the fuss, Cristiano?

A one-man show?

This is Real Madrid, not Almeria or Getafe. This is a team made of world class players, with Ronaldo being the star of the side. Even without the Portuguese, the team has the ability to brush aside most teams in the world. So, is his behaviour, which reeks of narcissism, justified?

Ronaldo has won Madrid matches single-handedly, having scored 39 goals in the league so far. But, that does not mean he undermines what his teammates are doing. Being a team sport, football requires players to be happy for their teammates, otherwise the small cracks in the squad can become significant fractures which would impact the whole team.

Madrid have a star-studded line-up with the likes of Gareth Bale, the world’s most expensive player, James Rodriguez, Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas among others. So, to think that this team is driven by Cristiano would be an utterly wrong statement.

Respect for Arbeloa

“I'm not upset about Cristiano's gesture,” said the right-back. “It's normal that he should be angry, he didn't score and his ambition is always to score. The Pichichi trophy is at stake for him and we all understand that and try to help him.”

These were Arbeloa’s exact words when asked about Ronaldo’s reaction to his goal. Arbeloa had an excellent game and it is without doubt that we can say that he deserved his goal. He was all over the pitch, tackling, intercepting and even crossing. It was also his first goal this season and given that he is a defender, it was really a proud moment for him. But instead of giving credit to Arbeloa’s goal and celebrating, Ronaldo sets an example of bad behaviour and sets the world talking. Taking nothing away from Arbeloa, with his post-match comments, he commands respect.


In the end, the matter is still open to debate with some arguing that it is his hunger to score more that made him do what he did. But, this hunger should not come in the way of the welfare of the team.

To be the best, one needs to be a good player and a good human being too. Ronaldo’s self-indulgent behaviour might be the reason he will be widely respected, but never loved. Not undermining his ability, but Cristiano Ronaldo must master another skill – How to be a team player.

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