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David Silva: The ever-present genius

Yazad Aga
244   //    04 Dec 2018, 12:31 IST

David Silva
David Silva

David Silva has been an influential player ever since he joined Manchester City from Valencia in 2010.

The Spaniard has been amazing for Spain as well as Manchester City. He has always controlled the game and makes the players around him dazzle because he always had the potential to raise his team's game and skill which helps them win.

Silva's clinical passes and skill with the ball makes him one of the greats along with Iniesta. In fact, they were an unstoppable pair for the Spanish side.

The Manchester City star's creative vision and the ability to execute what he thinks of, really makes him a huge worry for every opponent.

His composure in front of goal, makes him a good finisher as well. In City, he started off as a winger for Mancini and played well because of the versatile player he is.

The 32-year-old star made his debut against Spurs on 14 August 2010 in a 0–0 draw and finally registered his first goal (the winning goal as it were) against Blackpool on 17 October for a 3-2 in.

If not goals, the Spaniard creates goals for others with great assists for the team. David Silva, in no time, became a huge hit for the City side, getting 3 consecutive Manchester City Player of the Month awards.

Spain were very lucky to have such a talent in their side along with Iniesta. He made his debut for the senior Spanish side in a friendly at home against Romania, which they sadly lost 1-0.

He kept getting called up for the Spanish side with the great performances he kept putting on with the influence on the game that he holds.

David Silva at the 2018 World Cup
David Silva at the 2018 World Cup

Even at the age of 32, he is one of the most important figures in the Manchester City game. His swift passes always uplift the Manchester City players around him and is an integral part of the squad. Even with all the talent the City side have, Silva is vital to the team.

The Spaniard can keep going at it for another 3 years easily. He always seems ever youthful on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes. Age is just a number for the man. He'll always be the man, the myth, the legend!