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Fan's perspective: Passionate hatred for Rafa Benitez!

758   //    08 Mar 2013, 16:15 IST

Chelsea v Manchester City - Premier League

As a new blogger, I wanted to have an upbeat take on a subject for which I have a passion. I love Chelsea FC. It is astounding how quickly this has happened. Like many of you readers, the love I feel allows performances to affect my day, mood, happiness or basic enjoyment of life.So I wanted to write about the future, our great prospects on loan, and the team roster for next season. I will get to these things, but after watching the pathetic game in the Europa League against Bucharest I need to release my hatred.

This hatred is all pointed at RAFA F****G BENITEZ (by the way can this be his official name from this moment on?). I understand that it was a club decision to bring him to Chelsea FC (I also have great hatred for our board at the moment), but his behaviour and decisions are truly horrific. They are ruining my enjoyment of my team.

The biggest indictment of Rafa is: what exactly has he done for this team besides collect a paycheck?

This team has not improved at all. What are the tactics he has applied? Rafa claimed that Oscar, Hazard and Mata could not play together, yet against West Brom when he needed to win whom did he play? Oscar, Hazard, and Mata. So what has he given to the team? The answer is nothing. He has changed nothing from Di Matteo.

Are the players improving? The obvious players to get better were the young players. Hazard, Oscar, Marin, Moses all needed to improve as a natural consequence of playing in a new league and a new team with large expectations. Not one has improved because of Rafa. Not one has changed their game, become more defensively solid, or impacted the team more since his arrival. Again, his impact is imperceptible on the most important aspect of helping players – making them mature into better players from a manager’s influence.

Torres? This is so sad it is not even worth a comment.

Fans? Do I even need to say anything? This rant ought to suffice.

Competitions?  Out of the League Cup, Out of the EPL title race, Man U on Sunday for the FA CUP (we will be out, sadly), currently down a goal in the Europa League. At no point has Rafa actually improved our standing in any competition.  No new tactics or player involvement.  Instead, a continuous downward spiral.

The worst part of what I have just written down isn’t just that it is true, but that there is no hope in sight before the summer. There is nothing to do but muddle through. I hate watching this happen to my team that I love. It is heartbreaking and soul destroying. I can’t even be ironic or sarcastic. I am simply MAD.


I know the response to the above statements will be for some fans to comment that it is the board and owner who have put us in this situation. I agree their decisions are not great.  But no one can convince me that Roman doesn’t want to win. He has given one billion to the club. He buys great players (let’s not forget Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Luiz, Moses, Ba etc.) for the benefit of the club and to make us great.  His advisors clearly need to change.

BUT Rafa took the job knowing all of these things about the team. We are transitioning, yet Rafa is not helping with this transition. Instead he is ruining the team.  He is a useless figure at the club.  He should be out NOW. He is a bad manger and deserves nothing but hate from those of us who care about the club.

I wish I didn’t have to write this, but the rage is pouring out of me. This article is slightly tame because I am trying to be coherent as opposed to just streaming curses and hatred into the vision of fans who read this site. Make no mistake, RAFA OUT cannot come soon enough so that I never feel this bad again.

Carefree & KTBFFH

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