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FIFA 13 vs PES 13 : match preview

Here we go once again, the two footy heavyweights are ready for yet another bout this year. At one corner we have the undisputed champion and the crown holder over the previous installments, EA’s  FIFA and at the other corner we have the no.1 contender, KONAMI’s PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER.

The non-gamers might think that they present “the old wine in a new bottle” every year but thats not the true story. Each year, these franchises returns with such an awe-inspiring step forward that it leaves its predecessor in ashes. Play this years’ FIFA or PES and you might feel that the zenith of football simulation has been reached. But in the very next year, the previous edition feels to be obsolete. It will be an immature call to give any one of these two longstanding rivals an edge on the basis of their demos, but we can certainly have some inkling about what’s on offer this season.

For years, it has been the pioneers,EA FIFA, whose diligent efforts have left only a very small gap between the real and the virtual world of football. They have been able to blend preeminent animations along with their tradition while PES had to face a lot of criticism about their mediocre presentation. PES almost seems ponderous in comparison, with some transitions between animations looking quite aberrant. But when it comes to the likeliness of the players, PES’s graphics looks a whole lot crispier and packs a punch than FIFA.

The revamping add-on to this edition of PES is the PlayerID, where the best in the business are fastidiously construed to impersonate their movements and playing styles on the pitch. Portrayal of the players with immaculate precision is what that underlies in this whole new feature. Whereas EA, with their subtle differences in the players motion, are giving PES a tough challenge. They have been able to inculcate emblematic changes which resulted in a realism surpassing the gaming cosmos, but not as meticulously as PES. Definitely PES is more proficient and prolific than their arch rivals in this territory. Take a peek into this video which pretty much says everything.

Now let’s shift the spotlight from graphics to gameplay. In the previous installments the boots of the players seemed to be made of velcro where the ball would stick whenever they received any pass, irrespective of the overall rating of the players. The pivotal change that FIFA 13 has come up with is the First Touch Control, which eliminates the near perfect touches for all the players on the pitch. Now multiple factors contribute to the success of a pass, allowing more skilled players to stand out and keep the ball closer. In answer to FIFA’s First Touch control, PES has in store the overhauling control system known as PES full control. In this system the players now have an assortment of ways to receive a pass and escape from a trap. Using the agility and momentum, the players now can get pass the defenders in a very ethereal way. Here is a video showing the gameplay of PES 2013 (DEMO)

With the advancement in the game’s physics engine, the Artificial Intelligence of the CPU players has also annexed by leaps and bounds. FIFA promises to add adroitness to the attack while PES brings a lot of apprehension on the pitch. Predicting the unpredictable is what lies underneath FIFA’s desk. Their new positioning code improves utility of the space and openings by the players. Player will now be able to curve their runs to stay away from offside traps and change their trajectory as and when required. A quick tuck in through the player’s leg, lofting balls into space for headers and the dynamic one-twos play a decisive role in foxing the opponent’s defenders in PES. The players can now put the ball pretty much anywhere they want on the pitch, at any speed and in any direction,which provides a whole lot of freedom to the playe rs. This video shows the gameplay of FIFA 2013 (DEMO)

The Electronics Art’s baby FIFA with their Player Impact Engine has added yet another dimension to the gameplay. It brings into play the physical aspect of the player. The defenders can now use their huge built and strength as an anlace against the attackers. Players can push and pull for the possession of the ball and can use their aerial dominance of physicality in a way you have never witnessed before.

Dribbling techniques has also been tweaked a bit in both these games. Both the franchises promises to bring into play a total 360 degree ball rotation all around the player’s feet. PES have compromised their dribbling speed a bit to showcase greater amount of skill when a player runs with the ball.This system allows the players to shield the ball and make space for their teammates to make the incisive run or to nutmeg the defenders by knocking the ball with a roulette and then collecting it. FIFA had already introduced 360 dribbling in its previous versions and looked to keep it simple this time allowing the user to execute dummy moves with more ease.

PES always had to play the catchup game with FIFA. They have been left trailing FIFA like a wretched Peter Reid chasing Maradona before he scored that majestic goal in 1986.

Well, now the stage is set and waiting for the gladiators to step into the ring and rise to the occasion. Will PES be able to turn the tables this year? Or will the seemingly falling giants be demolished by the king?

We all will find the answer to these questions within a few days time after the official release of these two games.

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