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FIFA 17 Trailer: All you need to know about the new "Journey" mode

FIFA 17 is slated for release in September 2016.

The best-selling football game franchise for years is about to feature a brand new gameplay mode in their latest release, FIFA 17. Called “The Journey”, the mode would allow users to play for any of the 20 Premier League clubs as a single player, who is called Alex Hunter.

The video reveal for the new mode displayed Alex Hunter playing for Premier League giants Manchester United. The video starts with a look at a manager’s cabin before cutting to show the player’s dressing room for Manchester City, Chelsea and then Manchester United. Hunter’s jersey can be seen hanging in the United dressing room.

The feature can be compared to the “Be a Pro” mode but features many cut-scenes and dialogues between the player and other characters. The trailer further shows the player working up the ranks from the youth team to getting a place on the bench for Manchester United.

Further cut-scenes display the progress of the player as he scores on his debut against Liverpool but similar to a football season which is full of ups and downs, Hunter does fall down the pecking order due to a spectacular dip in form.

A screenshot from the official trailer shows Hunter having a discussion with David de Gea

There are a number of interesting bits in the trailer as Hunter is shown that he is dropped from the team and even swipes at a table lamp in sheer frustration. The player does eventually make a return to the Manchester United team and is seen scoring some wonderful goals before ending the trailer with a comment, “My name is Alex Hunter. You don’t know me but believe me, you soon will”

The mode feels similar to the popular gaming modes from the NBA 2K games which feature a lot of narratives and your decisions make a huge difference in how the season plays out for your player.  

September release

FIFA 17 is slated for release in September 2017 on all major gaming platforms and most football games will be looking ahead to the new set of features that are provided in every new instalment in the franchise.

The earlier FIFA 17 trailer featured an accentuated voice of Jose Mourinho stating “People say football never changes” and showcases the improvements made in the FIFA range of games over the years.

The new game also features a lot of motion capture taken from the likes of James Rodriguez, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus and should be a top seller once again. 

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