FIFA World Cup: Fans betting correctly on Germany's 7-1 win over Brazil make a fortune

German fans celebrate a goal against Brazil during the first semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup
German fans celebrate a goal against Brazil during the first semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The Germany – Brazil semi-final saw many goal-scoring records broken alright but the more surprising fact of the matter is 8 people bet on the crazy scoreline last night with one guy winning $46,380 for a punt of just $20.

Chorem de verdade: 8 pessoas no mundo apostaram no placar de 7x1. Um deles apostou 20 dólares e ganhou 46mil de volta
— Charles Naseh (@charlesnaseh) July 8, 2014

Reports on the social media reveal that ‘only’ 8 people on the face of the earth backed Germany to win the semi-final against hosts Brazil 7-1. One of the 8 put a $20 bet on Sami Khedira to score at any time of the match and the final score line to read an outrageous 7-1 in the Bavarians favour. The screen shot of the $20 bet is currently doing the round on the internet.

Anna Guerra’s bet
Anna Guerra’s bet

Meanwhile, a Brazilian woman bet on the same score line trusting her husbands sleepwalking predictions before the match. The 44-year old Anna Guerra, an artist by profession has become an internet star overnight for her crazy story and the Brazilian media outlet Lance first came out with this ludicrous story.

The story goes that Anna Guerra woke up early Tuesday morning to have a conversation with her husband Silvio Rod aged 46 but found him sleepwalking through the whole conversation.

Careful not to wake him, she asked about Brazil’s match that night. The sleepwalking husband replied that the match was already over with Germany winning it 7-1. On cue with the absurdness she put a R$10 sweepstake bet on it, Anna for all her luck just won R$200 but her story has grown more popular beyond that amount.

The 2014 World Cup has been a punters paradise, the 5-1 demolition of defending champions Spain by Netherlands saw a Spanish supporter winning a $135,000 worth of gas for betting against his own country.

With Germany, Argentina and Netherlands still in the fray for the trophy, bring out the punter in you - you might just win something crazy.

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