Five Greatest Hard Men to Play the Game (Football)

Rangers v Celtic
Rangers v Celtic
Modified 29 Jul 2018
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Growing up with a big brother my TV privileges were very limited. When mom was around he always pretended to watch the Disney princesses’ shows but once she was out the door, I was forced to watch sports. Out of all sports, football was/is my brother's favorite. I was never a fan of sports let alone football but after continuously viewing it, I was haunted by dreams of the ever handsome Roberto Baggio and David Beckham.

With Google making everyday search pleasurable with their doodles, it is only just to talk of football now considering the upcoming FIFA World Cup and Google taking upon itself to create amazing doodles for the same. I

I know how football fanatics are a riotous gang and I would like to place a disclaimer before I share my opinions. This article has my top five football players that I consider to be the hardest men to play in the field. You may not agree with me but being a football fanatic myself at this point in time, I would like to reassure you that we indeed are a riotous gang!

5. Bobo Balde

Just like how Dwayne Johnson's catchphrase stands for wrestling there is a famous catchphrase in football as well. The Celtic fans would jeer the opposition with the catchphrase "Bobo's gonna get you" over and over until the confidence of the opposition is on its last stand. Bobo Balde's strong demeanor and his intimidating aura made anyone weak at their knees. Seeing Bobo in a game was like a free ticket to an action movie. The moment you see him play, you know he would do anything to win! Balde even won the Celtic player of the year award in his second season. He was one of the main reasons his side reached the UEFA final that season. His showcases were filled with medals and league cups, but his behavior was always the talk of the town. His behind the scenes dressing room anger burst-ups were always a problem and played a huge role in undermining his reputation. After quitting the team, going through a rough phase in bankruptcy, now Balde is a team coordinator for the Guinea National team.

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Published 29 Jul 2018
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