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5 times teammates  fought over set-pieces

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The Neymar-Cavani row

Every player who plays football tries to do his absolute best for the team. Sometimes, some players will go to any extent to achieve the things they desire to have in their career.

What's the most beautiful feeling in football? Scoring a goal.

There are no words to express the joy a player feels when he sees his shot hit the back of the net. The more you score goals, the more you start making a name for yourself.

But, in order to score goals, some players end up having disputes not only with opponents but with teammates as well. It is quite a shameful thing seeing two players from the same team start bickering with each other.

Footballers are role-models for millions around the globe. Hence, they are expected to be mature on and off the pitch. However, every once in a while, players tend to get selfish and this culminates in some disgraceful incidents. This not only makes them a laughing stock but it also disrupts the team's harmony.

This slideshow features five times teammates fought with each other over set-pieces.

#5: Erik Lamela and Son Heung Min

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Son and Lamela fighting over the penalty.

In a league clash against Manchester City last season, Tottenham emerged victorious after scoring two goals without reply. However, what stole the limelight was the disagreement between Erik Lamela and Son Heung Min over a penalty.

Spurs were awarded a penalty and what happened after that could only be termed ridiculous. With their main striker Harry Kane injured, Erik Lamela stepped up to take a shot on goal. But, South Korean forward, Son Heung Min wanted to do the same. A clash of opinions saw the two players arguing over a penalty.


Son attempted to wrestle the ball out of Lamela's hands, but the South American held on and placed the ball down confidently, only to see his spot-kick saved by City keeper Claudio Bravo.

Mauricio Pochettino managed to see the positives in this situation when he stated:

Lamela, Sonny, Eriksen. At the moment it's who feels better to shoot. Two players wanted to shoot. That's always better than nobody wanting the ball. They decided to be brave.

Watch the argument here:

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