10 amazing facts you didn't know about Manuel Neuer

Hes widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, has conceded just four goals in the World Cup and will be in charge of keeping Messi & co. at bay in the competitions finals today. It isnt easy being a goalkeeper but Manuel Neuer certainly makes it look so. The youngster is a pretty interesting person and enjoys a wonderful life off the pitch. If you dont know about his personal life then do enlighten yourself with these awesome Manuel Neuer facts.

#1 Football is his life

The German giant absolutely loves the game. He first kicked a football at the tender age of two and spent most of his spare time playing football with his brother Marcel. The shot stopper played his first competitive match when he was 4 years and 341 days old.

#2 Loves music

Neuer, like all of us, loves his music and always updates his iPod with the latest hits. His favourite band is the iconic Irish group U2 and his favourite song is ‘No Games’ by Serani.

#3 He Idolizes Lehmann

Germany has had iconic goalkeepers like Bodo Illigner and Oliver Kahn but Neuers all time favourite goalkeeper is former Arsenal man Jens Lehmann. He even considers his counterpart as the greatest goalkeeper ever.

#4 He broke a long standing Bayern Munich record In weeks

Everybody knows that Neuer is extremely gifted but may not know just how talented the goalkeeper is. The 28-year-old went 1000 minutes without conceding a goal during his first few weeks at Bayern Munich, breaking legendary goalkeeper Olivier Kahns record in the process.

#5 Is very particular about his hairstyle

Neuer takes very good care of his hair and has it trimmed every month so that his hairstyle remains intact.

#6 He\'s a foodie

Most footballers follow an extremely rigid diet but not Neuer. In spite of being German, Neuer loves Italian food and always digs into pizza, pasta or other Italian savouries is his spare time. In fact he loves his food more than any of his team mates.

#7 Manuel Is a true athlete

Football isnt the only game Neuer loves. The 28-year-old also enjoys skiing and tennis, which he practiced until he was 14 and adores counterpart and Tennis great Boris Becker. His favourite sports brand is Adidas.

#8 His brother Is a referee

Neuer will have to be very careful if he plays football with his brother Marcel being a referee in the German lower league - Verbandsliga.

#9 Loves his cars

Like most of the German public Neuer is an automobile enthusiast. Youd think that he being a footballer will have a swanky sports car but the goalkeeper drives a dinky little Volkswagen GTI Golf. Humble I must say.

#10 Neuer believes in charity

Neuer is a footballer with a heart of gold and has donated large sums to charity. He even has his own foundation called the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation which helps underprivileged children in the Ruhr region. The foundation also donates sports equipment to promising young athletes who cant afford to buy some themselves.

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