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Football's Funny GIF compilation

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For a modern day footballer, the smile is a very important thing. It makes you look smart and presentable. I hope Ozil keeps working on that fine smile of his.

Or if you’re as talented as Ronaldinho, you can just make your feet do the talking. It’s something you are born with.

So, you don’t dig chicks?? What about swinging the other way? Let Giroud show you the way.

Not impressed with just his captivating smiles?? Let him show you how he can swing it from the hips.

When all dances fail to impress you, there is always the “Peter Crouch -Robot dance”

Jose Mourinho surely does build camaraderie in the squad. Marcelo just gives an example of the brotherly love that exists int he squad. Modric just feels left out.

A little too much man love may be?? Then watch the physio. He really “feels” for the injured player.


Whats worst than conceding a goal for a goalkeeper you say?? When somebody rubs it in. I mean literally. Shay Given just illustrates my point.

Its not only men that feel the hurt on the football pitch, here are some variation female species taking the hit in the name of football.

Divers trolled

The moment when you nearly dived just to scare your opponent but thought better of it.

Drogba gave the impression that he was hit with an axe whenever anyone tackled him. Did the ref see it??

Then there was the “El Magnifique” Patrick Vieira. He just loved to have a roll on the green grass. That’s all!!

Liverpool bought a talent worth 35 million pounds and he couldn’t even dive well.

It’s a shame Andy Carroll never could pick up some tips on diving. He shared the dressing room with one of the best con artist in football. Luis Suarez can dive even when there is no challenge.

The Uruguayan really takes his dives seriously. Not only to fake the ref, he celebrates goals by diving as well.

If you thought that Suarez is the best in the business, be sure to see the face of Gareth Bale all riled up . Bale is the only player to be booked multiple times this season so far for simulation. Here is the Welshman showing off his talents.

It’s a just cool thing to dive these days, isn’t it? Junior Hoilett tries to have his share of the limelight as well.

Wondered why Gilardino never quite made it at Milan?? Well, he couldn’t even dive properly. That’s why.

Yes Sergio they all dive!!

Then there is a dive when you get punked!

“The other dive”. The moment when your hand wants to dive into the warmth of your jacket  but failure of the brain to realise that the jacket chain isn’t open.

You think Wenger has a hard time?? Watch Sir Alex go bizerk  after a balloon. Glorious indeed.

The El-Hadj Diouf version

The original version….

Wasn’t fun enough right??

Let’s make it galactic.

A little human touch you say??

Ya magical!!! That’s what was missing!!

The Arsenal Thread

Wenger likes to buy them young. Always

Some players just have that little kid inside them. Always!!

While others grew up to be quite naughty!!

Some left, while making others feel “uncomfortable” during their stay.

Its been hard times for the French Genius. He couldn’t get his tambourines to work.

He just isn’t the magician that Rafa is, is he? Here is the “bearded one” working his magic.

Then there are those who don’t get much of a chance to work his magic.

Finally lets have a look at Arsenal new signing!!

What if we could combine them all together??

Statutory Warning

When your friends play, “kick his butt”. Onlookers should take precautionary measures.

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