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Has Roman decided to sell Torres?

1.10K   //    09 Mar 2013, 20:15 IST

FC Steaua Bucuresti v Chelsea - UEFA Europa League Round of 16

We all know the trials and tribulations of Fernando Torres at Chelsea. He has never really lived up to expectations and he knows it himself. As much as I don’t like to criticise him, we have to face up to facts now more than ever as when the season finally finishes, we will spend the summer trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

As for Torres, according The Express this morning, a “Chelsea insider” is quoted as saying the following:

“Roman will now sell Torres – if he can get the right offer.”

It also states that Roman is willing to take a loss of around £35m and will accept a fee in the region of £15m! If that is true, it’s a massive statement from our owner!

I really hate having a pop at Fernando Torres because I have stood by him ever since he signed for Chelsea. No matter what he is playing like at the moment, we all know that on his day he is different class.

The problem is, we all expected to see a major reaction from him this season after the departure of Didier Drogba but apart from the odd glimpse here and there, it just hasn’t happened.

No one can question his work rate. For two seasons I had posted up articles stating that he simply wasn’t getting the right service at Chelsea. We’d often see him make a gesture of frustration off the ball as the final ball never came to him.

The other night in Bucharest was simply ridiculous. I have read reports or comment around the press, on forums and Twitter and I personally became frustrated with them as they continued to slag Torres off. If any of you are realistic and want to watch the game again, he wasn’t given the right ball he wants all game. He wants a ball played in between defenders that he can play on their shoulder and make a run in behind. He was getting long balls pumped up to him all game!

Apart from that, his confidence looks shot though, doesn’t it.


In my eyes, and I stand by my own immediate reaction to the appointment of Rafa Benitez, Chelsea brought Rafa in for one reason and that was Torres. He was brought in to get the best out of him as we all saw the impact Torres had under Rafa at Liverpool. Apart from a spell of around seven to ten games, it hasn’t worked. As a result, Chelsea fans on Twitter are of the opinion that they both need to go at the end of the season.

It’s such a shame, this whole situation with Torres. I couldn’t wait for him to play for Chelsea after he signed for us.

Now? His confidence is shot, he looks like a man with the world on his shoulders and no matter how hard he tries, it just hasn’t worked.

Sometimes in life you just have to cut your losses and run. It seems that’s where Roman Abramovich is now along with most Chelsea fans.

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