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If Football Clubs were Computer Systems— Part Two

1.68K   //    05 Nov 2012, 13:56 IST

Continuation of Part 1

This is the second addition under this title with the first part expressing a satire on the big clubs of EPL.

The second installment talks about 2 clubs namely, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Understanding Cache Cash System of Man City & Arsenal

To begin with, the computer concept used today is of Cache Memory. These memories are some of the fastest in the business. Hence, CPU or the processor simply, looks into this memory first whenever it needs any data which it doesn’t have. If it finds it right there, then there is no need of looking into the further hierarchies of memory.

arsenal players

Hence this saves time and in other words make things happen faster and better. So cutting a long story short, the processor looks into cache memory before going anywhere to seek data.

Had EPL been digitized, then Manchester City would have used this concept quite easily with the help of Arsenal. There is no doubt that of lately Arsenal had become the feeder club and one of their best clients in recent times is the Abu Dhabi United Group sponsored Manchester City. Arsenal had made some big bucks out of many of their players sold at mind-boggling prices if one looks at what they actually paid for buying them.

Arsenal-Man City Transfer Saga    

Manchester City had got around 4 players from Arsenal since 2009. It seems that just like our processors look into cache memory whenever they need any data, Man City looks into the Arsenal squad for any players to be added into their already gold-glittering, star-studded line-up. And in case they can’t find anyone there, then whole world’s a stage for the scouts of Man City.

Year 2009

This year was the start of Man City’s caching activities. 2 of the finest players of Arsenal left them for big money at Manchester. Kolo Toure was one of the last members of the Arsenal’s Invincibles side. But he opted to go to City where he was reunited with his brother Yaya Toure after a year. The same year saw Arsenal’s striker Emmanuel Adebayor to leave the club after what was touted as a tiff between him and the fans. Man City paid £16 million for Kolo Toure and a whopping £25 million for Adebayor.

Year 2011

After a year gap, the City was back to the same business with Arsenal. This time too getting 2 players from their squad. Samir Nasri was bought for £25 million and Gael Clichy for a paltry (according to the standards of the City) amount of £7 million only.

Both the players were having a good run at the Emirates but Nasri was accused of greed for money and Clichy went in there to taste success in his first season itself.

arsenal players

Even in the year 2012, City were ready with a massive bid for the star striker Robin Van Persie but unfortunately for them, he ended up at the other side of Manchester. Man City had paid Arsenal around £72 million in those 3 years, which average around £24 million every year. Now that’s some serious business for Arsenal.

But unfortunately, it is the English Premier League and not the English Paisa League which could have earned them a title for their hefty bank balances.

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