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Interview with Alan Shearer: Premier League legend picks between Messi and Ronaldo, and more

22.13K   //    13 Oct 2017, 22:47 IST

Alan Shearer celebrating scoring a goal
Alan Shearer celebrates after scoring a goal

The Premier League fan park is happening in Bengaluru and Alan Shearer is in town. The fan park is a free to enter event and the has been organized in many parts of the world courtesy of the Premier League. Fans are given the opportunity to take pics with the League Trophy, there are live games telecasted on gigantic screens and also a lot of fun-filled games!

After a slight delay, I finally entered the room with Alan Shearer waiting for me. "10 minutes" – that's what I was told was my time limit for the interview by the organizer as I took my place right in front of him. How many minutes did the interview last in the end? 24 minutes!

This will be just a small crux of the interview as there is a LOT to cover and not enough time on my hands right now. So, without further ado, here's what went on...

We kicked off with a simple question –

One thing that Alan Shearer would tell his younger self NOT to do.

The Newcastle Legend did not waste any time and said "One thing I'll tell my younger self not to do? Not to be late! Always to give your best. You don't need anyone to tell you have had a poor game or whatever."

So were you late to training?

"Never late! Never ever late! Wherever I go, I'm always early."

That certainly showed on the pitch too as he was quick and faster than the defenders he was up against.


It's been 11 years since Shearer retired from the game but he still holds the record for the most number of goals scored in the Premier League! At a time where players find it difficult play 260 matches in the Premier League, Shearer's record of 260 goals is bound to remain intact.

However, curious to know who he thinks can break his record, I asked: Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku or Alvaro Morata – who do you think can break your record? With a big smile on his face, Shearer replied: "None of them are that good!"

Adjusting himself on the chair, he continued, "I think Harry Kane will have a very good chance but there are a lot of ifs. IF he stays fit, IF he doesn't suffer a serious injury & IF he stays in the Premier League, then he'll have a very good chance."

Speaking of staying in the Premier League, that's something Shearer has done in his career. He's never played for a club outside England. And thus the next question was thrown at him: You have never played outside England, is that something you regret? Were there any offers?

"I had offers to move to Italy and there was interest from Barcelona. But nothing was concrete. But I always felt that I wanted to stay in England and there was nothing serious in for me to think about."

So, was Newcastle the only priority? "Once I made a decision to move back home, back to Newcastle, I was loyal. They were good to me, I enjoyed the football club and it was my club. It was always my dream to play for Newcastle Football Club."

The question that every keeps asking one and other these days: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? "Do we have to pick? We are very fortunate to live in a time with two incredible players! They are both geniuses, but [for me it's] Messi."

Apart from all this, Shearer also spoke about the top 3 players in the Premier League, why he did not sign for Manchester United, best manager he's played under and more!

All that will be revealed in the 2nd part of this interview. Stay tuned.

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