"It’s not in our hands" - Petr Cech unsure if Chelsea will be able to complete Premier League season

Petr Cech discusses Chelsea's recent off-pitch crisis
Petr Cech discusses Chelsea's recent off-pitch crisis

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has expressed doubt over the Blues' possibility of finishing the Premier League campaign this season amid sanctions placed on them by the UK government.

The UK government is currently at odds with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich due to his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently invaded Ukraine. This has led to multiple sanctions on the Blues in recent days, blocking their access to revenue and Petr Cech admits there isn't much they can do right now.

Petr Cech speaks out about Roman Abramovich sanctions, Chelsea's struggles and operating 'day by day' 💬#CFC…
"We are focused on the things we can control, helping people and preparing for the game - that’s the only thing we can control at the moment," the former Blues goalkeeper told Sky Sports ahead of the clash with Newcastle yesterday.
"We want to help keep the integrity of the Premier League competition and try to do our best," he added.
“We have to admit we go day by day as it’s not in our hands. The conversations are about if we can finish the season and we’re part of the Premier League. For us to carry on to finish the season would help everybody involved," said the former Blues star.

It is worth noting that the UK government recently announced they're working on a license that'll allow Chelsea to continue competing while the sanctions are still active. Petr Cech admits he doesn't know what it will be like but hopes it will enable the club to pay its employees.

He continued: “I’m not involved in the talks with the government but the club are talking every day about the license. We hope the situation will be clearer soon."
Petr Cech says Chelsea hope Thomas Tuchel stays amid Roman Abramovich sanctions 🔵…
“We hope the people working for the club will be able to get their salaries and live their lives and work. But this is a difficult question for me to answer as I don’t know what the licence will be like day-to-day," he said.
"At the training ground we’re trying to support each other and focus in difficult times,” the Czech legend added.
The Blues seem to be unaffected by the drama surrounding them
The Blues seem to be unaffected by the drama surrounding them

Chelsea still going strong despite sanctions

Regardless of the issues ravaging them off the pitch, Chelsea appear to be more united and determined than ever. The Blues defeated Newcastle United 1-0 yesterday, a good follow-up to their 2-0 triumph over Norwich last weekend.

Up next, they'll take on LOSC Lille in the second leg of their Champions League round of 16 clash at the Stade Pierre Mauroy. It remains to be seen if they'll earn another important victory from the encounter.

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