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John Terry - Captain, Leader, Legend....Player/Manager?

591   //    01 Mar 2013, 04:13 IST

It’s long been expected that John Terry would begin a managerial career after his playing days with Chelsea are finished. Now there are suggestions that this could happen sooner rather than later. The notion that John Terry could be appointed player/manager for Chelsea for the rest of the season is being thrown around.

Now, I realize that the Chelsea Board has released a statement saying that Benitez will be given until the rest of the season. However, (and I hope I don’t catch the ire of too many with saying this) I tend to take the ‘word of our board’ with a grain of salt more often than not. How many times did the board pledge allegiance to AVB before he was canned? Even Robbie Di Matteo was told his position was not in jeopardy before he got the axe. I personally feel that Benitez’s remarks after our match yesterday were unprofessional and completely unwarranted. He’s known the fans’ reaction to his appointment since day one. He’s been jeered ceaselessly throughout his tenure. The treatment he received the other night was nothing surprising. Yet, he reacted in such a way as to suggest he was shocked that the fans would do that. Coming from you, Rafa, who have said in the past that “the atmosphere doesn’t affect the players”, is even more hypocrisy. (“I would never take that job”, ring any bells??) Sorry Rafa, you may not like us fans, but a good 98% of us LOATHE you.

 I apologize for the digression – Discussions of our ‘manager’ tend to cause me to rant and wander a bit. Back to my original point – There are suggestions that John Terry could take over as player/manager. Really, I’m very very curious as to what the reaction of the ChelseaDaft faithful is to this proposition??

The way I look at it, Terry has been our captain and fearless leader for ages now. He’s immortalized himself in Chelsea history and, personal antics aside, football-wise has the earned the highest respect from just about every CFC fan. Beyond that, however, (and maybe more importantly) he unquestionably commands the respect of every player in the dressing room. He’s a natural-born leader and motivator, a true warrior for the Blue shirt, and a player everyone can look up to. However, I have to also wonder what the reaction would be from some of the squad to now looking at him as a manager and tactician, on top of being our team captain.

It’s an intriguing proposition, and one that I pose to all of you. What do you think? Would you like to see Terry get the player/manager position on the inevitable “interim” basis for the remainder of the season? What do you think the reaction from the team would be? Would egos clash, as they did with our only other young manager, AVB?

Let me know what you think with a comment down below!

Carefree & KTBFFH!

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