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John Terry slams critics of his role in Chelsea's 2012 Champions League win

4.70K   //    02 Oct 2014, 12:05 IST
John Terry in the 2011-12 Champions League final

John Terry has finally come out and talked about his role in Chelsea winning the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League. 

On that night in Munich

Slammed and criticised universally for coming out to celebrate with the team wearing a full-kit despite being suspended for the final and playing no part in it, Terry said missing the final gives him extra motivation now. Memes and jokes including Terry in celebrations where he has no business is a part of internet folklore now.

“Of course,” “The biggest night ever for the club and I didn’t play in it. But I played in one [final in 2008], and I felt a massive part of it [in 2012], and the players made me feel a huge part of it. Along the way you look back at games, like the Napoli game [in the last 16] and other games along the way where you played a big part as well.

“Because it’s me, people look and say ‘he’s not won it’, people like to have their digs and their pops, but I know I played a huge part along the way, in the dressing room and on the field as well, so I count myself to have won it.

“No one speaks about the other 10 players who weren’t on the pitch that night as well. Maybe that’s me and that’s where I am at as a player.” 

John Terry is the sole survivor

The former England captain is the only surviving member in the Chelsea squad since the Abramovich era began and he takes pride in the fact that he has played so many games.

“For me to be able to play so many games, and fight, and for the club to buy big players, I’ve fought off all the competition and that’s what I’m hungry to do,” Terry said. “I just want to win trophies, that’s what I’m born to do, it’s in my [nature] from when I was a kid. I just want to win games, whether that’s Premier League or Champions League.”

Last season hurt

Chelsea’s meltdown in the title race last season which saw them losing away to Aston Villa and Crystal Palace and at home to Sunderland and Norwich City after being in the driver’s seat at one point hurts John Terry.  Having won the league thrice already in 2004–05, 2005–06 and 2009–10, the former PFA player of the year is not satisfied.

“I was in tears over the Premier League last year, over throwing that away and not winning that, behind closed doors,” he admitted. “For me it’s emotions. That’s what I play for week-in, week-out. I’m never scared to show my emotions.”

New signings are “real men”

“Real men”

 The 33-year-old talked about new signings Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas as well as January recruit Nemanja Matic (who was sold and bought from Benfica again).


“Quality players, unbelievable players but big characters as well, on and off the pitch,” Terry said. “What I call real men, and players with great experience. Matic had to come to Portugal [Chelsea sold him to Benfica before bringing him back) and gain experience but came back a completely different player, and a man now. Cesc has been here before [in England] so he knew what to expect and you expect him to hit the ground running, which he’s done.”

“With Diego we didn’t know. We’ve seen it before, some strikers take months and months. But he’s hit the ground running. Eight goals already is superb and it’s great for us.

“He’s a good character, a great character. Without speaking a word of English, he gets by and gets on great with everyone.

“He puts himself about but gets up and battles on, and plays with little niggles. That’s what you want.

“That’s why he’s come to the Premier League, to win. He made that clear to everyone in pre-season, he’s come here to win trophies. That’s what he wants to do.”

Want the Champions league again

Jose Mourinho has won 2 UEFA Champions league trophies but neither of them have been with Chelsea and the former West ham player aims to set it right.

 “With Mourinho back in now, that’s our target and that’s the standard,” Terry said. “Maybe 10 years ago when we first came into it [the Champions League] that wasn’t the expectation but now, with the money that’s been invested, the players we have and the experience we have in the competition, that’s always the target.

“For me the most important thing is not just the 100 appearances but – for me, personally – to strive to go on and win it again.”