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John Terry labelled 'a pig' while shopping

2.97K   //    17 May 2014, 12:20 IST
Terry has quite a colorful reputation

Terry has quite a colorful reputation

John Terry’s turbulent past caught up with him once again this week during a shopping trip when a clothing store employee called him a pig and a disgrace.

The Chelsea skipper, who recently signed a one year extension to his contract, was out shopping with his wife Toni at a local All Saints outlet when he heard the employee’s disrespectful remarks.

Elisha Ram, the guilty shop worker, was quoted by The Sun as saying: ‘He came in and we said hello. I told my friend he is quite good looking in real life — but he’s a pig.’

‘I didn’t realise he was right there. He was coming towards me and said, “I don’t appreciate you calling me a pig in front of my wife.”

‘I said, “Oh my God,” and I turned into a little child. I said I was really, really sorry. Then I just snapped, got defensive and retaliated, saying, “You’re a disgrace.”’

Ram confessed that she made the remarks after reading old articles about Terry’s supposed extra marital affair back in 2010.

An insider said that the employee is on the verge of being fired while Terry has received a written apology from the store.

‘I wasn’t being horrible, I just said my opinion — I even said he was quite good looking,’ she added.

Lets hope she keeps her opinions to herself at her next job.

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