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EPL 2016/17: Jurgen Klopp recalls how he once dressed up like Santa Claus to get drunk

The 49-year-old recalled a hilarious incident that happened in 2006.

Jurgen Klopp recounts how he was photographed wearing a Santa Claus costume

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp recounted a hilarious incident of him being photographed drinking in a Santa Claus costume. The charismatic German also revealed that he once had to dress up like Santa Claus to go out with a couple of friends, in December 2006, during Klopp’s reign as the manager of the German club, Mainz.

“We had 11 points and we were last in the Bundesliga table,” Klopp recalls. “We had a Christmas break and friends of ours wanted to have a party in the city. Nobody could see it was me because I had a mask on, a Santa Claus mask. I didn’t feel too good but I needed a little bit of help and I went out. I did it.”

“Then there comes a point when you are a little bit drunk so I lifted the mask and the next thing there is a picture. The next day Bild printed the picture and said: ‘That is how Klopp celebrates being 18th.’ It was not that I celebrated but that was the picture. It happens and you go on. It is not really big,” he added.

The 49-year-old was full of empathy for England and Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney, as the 31-year-old is the subject of a fair controversy after he was pictured at a wedding party during the early hours of Sunday morning. Rooney publicly apologised following the incident and English FA has initiated an investigation to find out if anyone among Rooney’s colleagues were with him during this bizarre incident. 

However, Klopp is of the opinion that the situation is a bit exaggerated and he sympathised with the England skipper.

The Liverpool manager has imposed an alcohol ban on his players but the members of the Liverpool squad would know it will be a mistake to take advantage of it as disciplinary actions will certainly follow any misconduct or unprofessional behaviour.

“If they ask me six times a week ‘can we go out, can we go out?’, I’d say seven times no,” Klopp said. “By the way, they didn’t ask but if they did we would say no. We all know a few of them are doing it. Not going out but maybe having a party at home. They are young and sometimes if they don’t celebrate now it would be silly,” he added.

Klopp continued: “I’ve not sympathy with it but when something happens, if it happens once then fine him, take his money and do something good with it for the team, for the kitman or whoever. If then he thinks about the next drink then think ‘really?’. I never had these problems actually but it can happen.”

Liverpool travel to the St. Mary’s on Saturday to take on Southampton hoping to consolidate their position at the summit of the Premier League table.

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