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LIVERPOOL - A fight to retrieve the past

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Liverpool , a team with a rich and glorious history, loads and loads of trophies in their cabinet , BUT now a fallen giant of the premier league  with nothing but FRUSTRATION on their side

As a Liverpool fan I am now feeling extremely  bad on seeing the situation of the team . Not played in the champions league for the last 3 years , no premier league trophies won in the last 20 years , now stumbling at seventh spot in the premier league………….

I have the opinion that the reason for the downfall of Liverpool in the past seasons is due to leaving of great players like Alonso, Torres, Kuyt , Mascherano and many more from the side and bringing in some lifeless and immature players to replace them. These players were the backbone of the team when played for Liverpool and they lead the team to great success and victories in the past.

The last three transfer seasons were the worst for Liverpool , as they brought in some creeps by selling their great players. The only transfer they made effective was the signing of Luis Suarez , who is now their top scorer and is in fine form this season. The others we brought like Downing, Borini,Carroll were just waste.


Liverpool Team in joy after winning the champions league 2005 by beating AC Milan in the penalty shootout

If  Liverpool want to get the Champions League next season , I think they should bye some players with class and the energy like our captain Steven Gerrard. Here are a few players that I think can change the future for Liverpool :

1) Christian Eriksen : Now playing at Ajax , he will be available for transfer in the summer . A player with class and finishing that can match anyone.

2)Xabi Alonso : Bringing back  Alonso can make a huge impact on the team.Everyone knows he can do magic with the ball from the midfield.

3) Mario Gomez : An experienced  player like him along with Suarez can weave wonders for Liverpool next season.
These  are my top picks .I am sure that bringing these world class players into the team can do miracle for Liverpool next season. But Liverpool can also bring in some good defenders looking the fact that their defense was out of form and  Carra is retiring at the end of the season.

And last but not the least I like tell everyone one thing


Walk on walk on

with hope in your heart

and  you’ll never walk alone

you’ll never walk alone………………………………………………………..YNWA………………………………….

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