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Luis Suarez - Reasons to love this guy

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Liverpool’s fans love their man. Luis Suarez brings that never-say-die attitude which is yet to be rubbed on the whole team. But the point of discussion is Suarez. In January 2011, Suarez moved to Liverpool from Ajax and helped the side, which was then tottering at 12th Position, finish at an unbelievable 6th.

Suarez was clearly the player of the team for that partial season. He does have the ability to turn matches and can play at any position he like. He creates a lot of goal-scoring opportunities and many won’t deny this fact. But many wouldn’t also deny that other than using his talents to score he does have a reputation for diving. But apart from all such antics, this player has a penchant to win, may it come at any cost, but Suarez wants to win.

luis suarez

Here are the reasons to love this guy, or at least admire him for his prowess.

Never say Die

Suarez tries to search for a goal every time he has the ball and looks for players to whom he can distribute it. Because of this, many times defenders fail to match his sprint and speedy moves, and provides him a chance to score. Whether a goal is scored or not is a different talk but he has come close to it as he heavily dominates.

Goals Galore

If Wayne Rooney dictates the game for Manchester United, Luis Suarez too helps his side to get that victory. Suarez had scored many goals for Liverpool and some had been really fantastic. The 40-yard goal against Norwich was mesmerizing and the free-kick against Manchester City was also great. His goals were applauded during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

His Love for the Club

Ever since Suarez had embarked on a trip to EPL, life was not that great for him. He had gone through some of the most turbulent times at Anfield, be it the Evra-Racism saga or week in-week out accusations of diving. All non-Liverpool fans do hate him. He receives jeers from every opposing fan whenever he touches the ball.

luis suarez

Situations become worse when he’s playing away from Anfield. One would argue that such situations are created by Suarez himself, but despite all of this hatred he still plays with great elegance. I doubt had there been someone else in his boots, he would have packed his bags and moved to a different destination. He truly wants to play for Liverpool and such situations had over the time strengthen this bond.

A Great Dribbler

Suarez is a fantastic dribbler of the ball. He always tries to go past the defenders in a cheeky manner and more often does it successfully. A weapon that he uses quite often, and maybe because of which he is fouled or he makes it look like a foul. All in all a great dribbler in EPL. Watch this video if anyone doubt it.

The last thing to be said about this guy is that he is an all-rounder of the game. He is going to be Liverpool’s main player for many years and the camaraderie between him and the club’s fans is going to get stronger and better in the coming time.

Suarez is a great player but gets frustrated when things doesn’t go in his favor. Once he gets the better of this problem, he can truly be recognized for all his great work.

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