Mesut Ozil donates World Cup bonus worth €300,000 to 23 Brazilian children

Shubham Mazumdar
Mesut Ozil
Not just a World Cup hero; Mesut Ozil is a hero to these 23 children.

Germany’s Mesut Ozil is not just a World Cup champion now, not anymore after his kind gesture towards 23 sick children in Brazil by paying for their surgery so as to thank the nation for its warm hospitality.

He had already sponsored the surgeries of 11 kids ahead of the tournament, but after receiving a hefty amount of bonus following Germany’s title winning campaign in Brazil, the Arsenal playmaker has decided to pay for the surgeries of 12 more kids, thus helping a total of 23 children in partnership with Big Shoe.

The 25-year-old posted a personal note on his Facebook page

The Arsenal midfielder originally paid for 11 before the tournament in Brazil started, but decided to up the tally to 23 in reference to the number of players that formed winners Germany's squad.

Ozil said: 'Prior to the World Cup, I supported the surgery of 11 sick children. Since the victory in the World Cup is not only due to 11 players but to our whole team, I will now raise the number to 23.

The German wore the number 23 shirt during his early Real Madrid days, and it went onto be a symbolic number around the Madrid supporters since it was also worn by one of their former Galacticos, David Beckham.

”I love children. They are important to me,” said Ozil when asked about the reason for his generous donation. “I want them to thrive, live their own life and have a good chance in the future. A lot of children are shut out of our society, but these we can help in improving their living conditions.”

It was first rumoured that his donations were made to the victims in Gaza, however, his spokesman cleared up the story later, following a confirmation from the player himself.

Ozil talks about his donation to help the children saying, “"Let's go people! Let's move it together in Brazil. Let's set an example. I'm taking care of eleven surgeries. The most beautiful team of eleven ever. Together we can help many more children, thank you for your help "

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