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Mohamed Sissoko smacks Diego Costa in the face for head-butting him!

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Atletico Madrid suffered a defeat away to Levante which could prove to be a blow in their title chances with their neighbours, Real Madrid, lurking and a below-par Barcelona just three points behind.

But Levante weren’t the only winners on the night. Malian midfielder, Mohamed Sissoko, also proved to be an individual winner on the night as he showed Diego Costa how he deals with simulation. The Atletico forward attempted a cheeky head-butt at Sissoko and did connect; but unlike most players who go down clutching their face, Sissoko decided to hand out some hard justice. He reacted by smacking Costa in the face who then proceeded to react how most footballers do, only to realise that the referee didn’t see it.

Well done Sissoko, Outside of the Boot applauds you!

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