Chelsea boss Frank Lampard opens up on quarantine routine

  • Chelsea manager Frank Lampard reflects on his time off from football.
  • The former midfielder also outlines the way forward for Chelsea.
Modified 22 May 2020, 17:02 IST

Chelsea's manager has kept himself active during the quarantine

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has revealed some a few interesting details about forced hiatus from football over the past two months.

The EPL was forced to cease all its activities amid the coronavirus pandemic, and this, in turn, resulted in an extended break for Chelsea players and technical staff.

In an interview with Chelsea's official website, Frank Lampard takes us through his average day during the shutdown.

"At the moment I’m living at home in Chelsea. I wake up and generally take my dog out to get some exercise. I spend some time with the family, learning a few new things! Now I can cook some more dishes at home and all of those sorts of things."

The Chelsea manager also placed emphasis on the importance of fitness and mentioned that his exercise routines helped him get through the break.

"I like to exercise regularly, so I tend to try and get out and go for a run, or get on the bike and do things, which is always good for me mentally."

Lampard engaged Chelsea players and technical staff throughout the shutdown

Lampard regularly communicated with his players during the shutdown
Lampard regularly communicated with his players during the shutdown

Several EPL clubs have ensured that they remain in touch with their players during the shutdown. Chelsea's technical staff has been in contact with the club's players and has been directing their training routines.


The consistent efforts at Chelsea to ensure that the Blues remain in prime form has also ensured that Frank Lampard has had a considerable amount of work to do.

"There was a lot of work. At the moment I spend quite a lot of time on the computer at home contacting people, whether it be the players, or staff at Chelsea, planning training sessions for the future. I’m always trying to keep my mind engaged. I’m certainly occupying my time well."

Chelsea resumed training sessions earlier this week following the EPL's new guidelines under Project Restart. Several Chelsea stars were seen participating in intense training routines at the Cobham Training Centre.

Lampard also ensured that not a second went to waste during the unexpected break. Chelsea's top midfield goalscorer has kept himself busy in the past two months and has analysed several Chelsea fixtures to improve the team's style of play.

"I have watched a lot of games back from this season, focusing on particular parts of the team that I always want to improve. Sometimes when you play game after game you can’t reflect, you’re always looking forward, but I’ve had time to do that."

Lampard, who is something of a tactical genius himself, showered praise on the team of analysts for Chelsea for their ability to make the best of the situation.

"We have got a really good analyst team and we can put together some videos and ideas for the future. That helps me with my planning, how we are going to train, how it’s going to look, and use the time as well as I can to make us better when we come back to where we’re playing."

Chelsea remains in contention for qualification to next season's Champions League and currently occupies the fourth spot in the table.

With Manchester United hot on their heels, Chelsea's stars would be wise to make the best use of the precious time that they have before the restart to get into shape.

With a straight-talking Frank Lampard at the helm, Chelsea's fan can rest assured that their club is in the best possible hands.

Published 22 May 2020, 17:02 IST
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