Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez reveals daily diet which doesn’t include Iberian ham she says she is ‘addicted’ to in Netflix series

The diet that is missing the key item?
The diet that is missing the key item?

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, has revealed her daily diet, and it does not have the Iberian products she claims to be addicted to. She starts off her day with a French omelet with orange juice and has the same thing for lunch and dinner.

The Al Nassr star's partner revealed that Iberian ham was one of her guilty pleasures in her recent Netflix show. She claimed that it was a food item she could not live without but did not mention it in her daily diet.

However, while talking to Women's Health magazine, Georgina revealed her actual daily diet. She said:

"In the morning I have a French omelette with orange juice and coffee with milk. At mid-morning I have a banana, after training. To eat a puree, grilled meat, vegetables... For a snack, sometimes I have cans of cockles with lemon and for dinner, the same as for lunch."

Brazilian football 'almost died' after trying Cristiano Ronaldo's diet

Palmeiras star Gabriel Menino has revealed that he tried the Cristiano Ronaldo diet but could not go for five minutes in the match. He added that he needed medical attention straight away and called out for the medics.

He told Palmeiras Cast:

"I called Mirtes, Palmeiras' nutritionist, and asked her to make me a Cristiano Ronaldo diet. I wanted to look like Cristiano Ronaldo. The diet was like this: breakfast was an egg and supplement. Pre-workout was a supplement, lunch could be grilled and salad. For breakfast it was more supplement, for dinner, again, grilled meat and salad, and before going to bed another supplement. That was it".

He added:

"I was warming up and couldn't take any more running. I just thought, 'I'm going to die.' Five minutes into the game, I couldn't run anymore, I would need to be substituted. She [Mirtes] saw from above that I was not well. She asked the masseur to bring me gel and isotonic. I took advantage of the fact that Weverton was in attendance and consumed it."

Ronaldo's diet stunned players at Juventus, Real Madrid and Al Nassr and he has changed a lot of things for them in the club cafeteria.

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