"He's never negative" - Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira names the manager he learnt the most from

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"He's never negative" - Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira names the manager took the most from in his career

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira has revealed that he draws his style of management from his former coach in North London, Arsene Wenger. The pair spent nine years together at Highbury and won the Premier League thrice.

Vieira left North London in 2005 and joined Juventus in a deal worth £12 million. The former French midfielder was a key part of the legendary Invincibles team. He made 37 appearances in that campaign that will forever be a part of his and Wenger’s legacy.

The Gunners legend played under some elite managers like Fabio Capello, World Cup-winning boss Aime Jacquet and Roberto Mancini. However, the Frenchman revealed in a recent interview with the Overlap that he draws his management style from Wenger:

"I would say Arsene (Wenger, who has influenced me the most). I spent nine years with Arsene as a manager, and the way that he was coaching and connecting himself with the players, I would say he is the manager who has the most influence on me today as a manager."

Vieira concluded his praise of his compatriot:

"It's about the confidence and self-belief that he has on the players, especially young players. You make mistakes and he doesn't take that trust away – he's a really good communicator. He always managed to find the right words to push you – he's never negative."

Patrick Vieira followed in the footsteps of Arsene Wenger and took up a role in management after retirement. He enjoyed a decent stint at Premier League side Crystal Palace. While he has never taken the reigns at Arsenal, he remains fond of the club he captained to the most memorable title win in recent English history.

What other manager has Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira been influenced in his management career?

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira has revealed that he learned how to be ruthless and competitive from iconic Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho. The pair worked together at Inter Milan and claimed the Serie A title together.

Speaking about their time together on the Overlap, the Frenchman said:

“I had Jose Mourinho as a coach when I was at Inter, and he was ruthless – it's about competition and winning. I took some of that as well – if you want to win, you need a bit of ruthlessness to make decisions about performances.
"With Arsene, you could play one or two games not at your best and he will start you the next game. With Mourinho, if you're not playing well the first game, the second game you won't end up going to play. You are under pressure to perform, which I think is important to be at the top – it's about the competition.”

Patrick Vieira will hope to channel the success of the managers he has played under in his new role at Strasbourg. The Ligue 1 side finished 13th last season, so the Arsenal legend will hope that he can take to a higher finish next season.

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