"He was worried for his wife and kids who were living there" - France team security officer confirms Paul Pogba was stressed because of extortion attempts

Juventus midfielder - Paul Pogba
Juventus midfielder - Paul Pogba

An extortion attempt on Paul Pogba went viral recently, with the Juventus star's brother Mathias Pogba among the culprits.

In a fresh revelation, RMC Sport has disclosed that according to a report containing a witness statement given to investigators at the start of August, the France team’s security and liaison officer was made aware of the affair as early as the March international break this year.

The French staff revealed that Paul Pogba opened up to him about the situation, explaining that some people were trying to harm him and were demanding large sums.

Paul Pogba had spoken to the France team's security and liaison officer back in March over alleged extortion attempt. (RMC)
“He told me he wasn’t doing well and that people wanted to harm him. They were asking for large sums from him. He told me in a determined way that he wasn’t living right anymore and that he wanted it to stop. It was getting out of hand and reaching his close family, notably his mother.”

He further explained that the culprits approached Paul Pogba directly, claiming that they were protecting him and demanded to be paid for it. They also used his brother Mathias to put pressure on him.

The French staff also revealed that the people went to the player's house in Manchester, leaving him worried about his wife and kids who were living there at the time.

“What I then found out was that the people even went to his place in Manchester," he continued. "He was worried for his wife and kids who were living there. This was between the events of March and those of July in Turin.
Pogba's brother, Mathias Pogba reportedly collabo with a gang to blackmail his brother, Paul Pogba for €13m. Adebayor experienced it & Osimhen is dealing with one as well. Once the family sees the flow, they believe they should be leaving like the person earning the money.
"I advised him to set up security in front of where his family lives. Since he knew he was going to Turin he said he would take that into account in Italy. Paul remained quite generic when it came to the date and the sequence of events.”
The midfielder is yet to play for Juventus this season.
The midfielder is yet to play for Juventus this season.

Paul Pogba is in a difficult situation

Paul Pogba might be going through a lot in his head right now. The last few months have been far from peaceful for the midfielder. First, it was his brother Mathias who came out to blackmail him, claiming that he had hired a witch doctor to cast a spell on French teammate Kylian Mbappe.

Although Mathias was put in detention, he's still managed to release more vile claims about his brother, with accusations of neglecting his family and criminality among others. Adding to this is the midfielder's current injury, which might see him miss the upcoming Qatar World Cup.

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