“At one point girls go to that private room" - Journalist reveals details of Achraf Hakimi’s party at Madrid nightclub

Achraf Hakimi was spotted partying at a nightclub in Madrid
Achraf Hakimi was spotted partying at a nightclub in Madrid

Spanish journalist Alexia Rivas revealed she saw PSG star Achraf Hakimi enjoying himself with six to seven girls at a nightclub in Madrid last Saturday (May 6). This came just weeks after Hakimi separated from his ex-wife Hiba Abouk at the end of March.

At the beginning of March, PSG fullback Achraf Hakimi was accused of sexually assaulting an unnamed woman in February. As a result, he was placed under judicial supervision. Barely three weeks later, his ex-wife Hiba Abouk announced that the pair were awaiting proceedings for their divorce.

However, it appears that Hakimi isn't taking the divorce very hard at all. Spanish journalist Alexia Rivas encountered the PSG star at a nightclub in Madrid. He was allegedly partying with several close friends and girls, and was surrounded by private security.

Rivas explained what she saw on the set of Fresh (via Telecinco):

"When we arrived, we saw an incognito person, who, it could be anyone, but when he takes off his clothes, we see that it was Achraf... He was in one of the top booths at this nightclub. He was with his lifelong friends and he was having a great time."

She added:

“At one point at night, girls go to that private room. Six or seven girls… There came a time when I wanted to retire and my friends called me and said 'I think Joana Sanz is here.'"

Joana Sanz is a Spanish model and the ex-wife of former Barcelona and PSG superstar Dani Alves, who currently remains imprisoned in Brazil for alleged sexual assault. It was later revealed that the woman Alexia Rivas saw wasn't Sanz, as she was at a different party in a different location.

PSG star Achraf Hakimi's ex-wife denies being after his wealth following the divorce

PSG fullback Achraf Hakimi's ex-wife Hiba Abouk recently hit back at critics who accused her of being after his wealth. The divorce of the former couple became a big talking point.

It was reported that following the couple's divorce, Abouk attempted to get half of Hakimi's assets and fortune. However, his assets were legally under his mother's name and she controlled 80 percent of his $24 million net worth at PSG.

The Spanish actress, who has a net worth of $7 million, was accused of attempting to just steal Hakimi's money. She defended herself and said that she was better known than him in 2018 when they started dating. Abouk spoke to journalist Maria Patino and said (via AS):

“It is the macho and misogynistic world in which we live. Taking into account that, when we started the relationship, he did not earn money and I was better known than him.
"The good thing is that what they say no longer affects me. I want to be discreet so that tomorrow doesn't affect our family. I have faith in justice and in common sense, which is on my side.”

The pair have two children together, Amin and Naim.

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