"Unacceptable and manifestly false" - Ligue 1 chief pens letter to hit back at LaLiga president Javier Tebas' comments on Kylian Mbappe's PSG stayΒ 

Ligue1 vs LaLiga - off the pitch
Ligue1 vs LaLiga - off the pitch

Ligue1 have hit back at LaLiga president Javier Tebas after his continued 'attack' on the French league and PSG. They claim the Spaniard is trying to denigrate the league and Kylian Mbappe.

LaLiga were not happy to hear the news about Mbappe renewing his contract at PSG and released a statement attacking the French Giants. They claimed the club's economic conditions were far from ideal and that they were being reported for offering absurd wages to the player.

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Ligue1 finally broke their silence on the issue and hit back at LaLiga and Tebas. In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, the French side denied all allegations and questioned Tebas for his shots at the league and PSG.

"We want to express in the strongest possible terms our disapproval, and also our incomprehension, of your latest attacks against Ligue 1 and one of our clubs. The fact that you publicly and repeatedly take this position against Ligue 1 on this topic and denigrate our league and our clubs is both unacceptable and manifestly false."
"Your attacks on Ligue 1 and one of our clubs Paris Saint-Germain and one of our players Kylian MbappΓ© are based around your own interpretation of financial unsustainability and competitive imbalance, which you repeatedly attribute to Ligue 1 and one of our clubs."

LaLiga exploring ways to report PSG

LaLiga have confirmed they are working on filing a complaint with UEFA against PSG. They are not happy with the Parisien side's financial structure, and Tebas was furious with Mbappe for not moving to Real Madrid.

BREAKING: LaLiga have released a statement announcing they will file a complaint against Paris Saint-Germain over Kylian Mbappe's new contract... πŸ‘€

Tebas confirmed he was working with a French Law firm to file the complaint in France and with the European Union. He was quoted by Marca as saying:

"We are working with a French law firm to initiate legal action in France and in the European Union. We are also going to report the matter to UEFA before Friday. It is impossible that PSG can comply with the current financial 'fair-play' and with those that are going to add with the incorporation of MbappΓ©. It is already known that they are going to breach them. Let's see what happens. Of course, it is impossible paralyze the incorporation of MbappΓ©."

Mbappe was heading towards the end of his contract at PSG and was touted to join Real Madrid. However, he signed a new deal at Parc des Princes last week and is now set to stay with the Ligue 1 champions for another three years.

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