Watch: Real Madrid star could face action as he was caught pulling Barcelona star Gavi's hair

Real Madrid
Real Madrid's Dani Ceballos pulling hair of Barcelona youngster Gavi in their Spanish Supercopa game

Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos could face disciplinary action after a video emerged of him pulling the hair of Barcelona midfielder Gavi during the Super Copa final on Sunday (January 15). Barcelona beat Madrid 3-1 in the final in Riyadh. The said incident occurred in the game's second half.

The video shows Ceballos reaching for Gavi's hair and pulling it as the two players tussled for the ball to start the game again. Gavi felt pain and could be seen reacting angrily The referee did not take any action, despite protests from Barcelona fans in the stadium.

Here's the video of the incident:

Dani Ceballos puxou o cabelo de Gavi de forma gratuita, com a bola parada.Isso aqui deveria ter punição, é uma agressão que não tem justificativa.

Ceballos had come on as a substitute in the second half as Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti infused fresh legs, with his team chasing the game. However, Barcelona kept the pressure on Madrid and thwarted their hopes of a comeback.

The Ceballos incident on Sunday has also sparked debate on social media, with many fans and analysts condemning the player's actions. Some have called for harsh punishment, arguing that hair-pulling is violent and should not be tolerated in the game. Others have defended Ceballos, saying that the incident was a heat-of-the-moment reaction and not intentional.

The incident has also sparked a renewed debate about the use of VAR in football. Many have argued that VAR should have been used to review the incident, as it would have made it easier for the referee to take appropriate action.

Dani Ceballos was seen aggressively pulling Gavi's hair in yesterday's game, but neither the VAR nor the referee saw the play, Ceballos received no sanction.

In conclusion, the incident has cast a shadow over an otherwise exciting game between the two rivals.

The 26-year-old Ceballos, a central attacking midfielder, has had a scratchy career with Los Blancos, making only 15 appearances this season. Ancelotti has mostly used him as a substitute.

Gavi shines in midfield as Barcelona dominate Real Madrid in Supercopa final

Barcelona dominated Real Madrid in the Supercopa final on Sunday, winning 3-1. One of the standout players for Barcelona was Gavi, who shone in midfield, completing 43 passes out of his team's total of 567.

Gavi, Robert Lewandowski and Pedri were the scorers for the Blaugrana, while Karim Benzema pulled back a late consolation for Madrid in injury time.

Gavi being Gavi 🍿

Gavi, along with Busquets, De Jong, and Pedri, controlled the midfield, constantly keeping the pressure on Real Madrid. The midfield dominance was a key factor in Barcelona's victory, as they dictated the game's tempo and created numerous scoring opportunities.

Barcelona completed 567 passes tonight against Real Madrid. Of those passes, 271 were completed by:🇪🇸 Busquets - 104 🇳🇱 De Jong - 71 🇪🇸 Pedri - 53🇪🇸 Gavi 43In complete control. 🎮

Gavi's midfield performance and the opening goal in the first half were key factors in Barcelona's victory. Fans are ecstatic to see youngsters, Gavi and Pedri, come to life in big games, and their performances against the club's biggest rivals created a buzz.

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