“Will teach you many valuable things” - Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero makes admission about working with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

Sergio Aguero keen on working with Klopp
Sergio Aguero keen on working with Klopp

Sergio Aguero has admitted that he would like to work with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. He believes that the German will be missed in the Premier League when he leaves this summer.

Speaking to Stake.com, the former Manchester City striker claimed that Klopp elevated Liverpool since joining them as Brendan Rodgers' replacement. He added that the players have adapted well to the German's methods and said:

"Terrific manager, Klopp has certainly elevated Liverpool, allowing them to become a protagonist of the Premier League in recent years. He's made them more aggressive, more intense in their playing style. New players have arrived and Jurgen has managed to adapt them to this offensive mentality.
"He'll be sorely missed in the Premier League... but he's made his choice, and it's up to us to respect it. Any great manager will teach you many valuable things. It would have been a great experience for sure."

Sergio Aguero played 22 matches against Liverpool during his stint at Manchester City. He scored seven goals and assisted four times while ending up on the losing side 10 times.

Sergio Aguero keen on making his return to the pitch

Sergio Aguero was on the pitch once again while playing for Independiente's 120th anniversary match on Saturday, March 24. However, he managed to play just 11 minutes as he dislocated his shoulder and had to be taken off.

He spoke to TNT Sports and said:

"Two days ago I did another study and everything went very well. Now I'm going to Madrid because I have a tournament, and then to Mexico and the United States for other tournaments. And now I'll see how I am. One never knows but the excitement and the desire is always to return.
"I don't want to excite people in that sense. The first thing I want is to be well. The desire is always there, I understand that they are excited and I am too, but I don't want to excite people."

Sergio Aguero was forced to retire in 2021 due to a heart problem. However, a cardiologist spoke to Mundo Deportivo earlier this month and claimed that there was a good chance of the Argentine striker making a return.

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