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Opinion: Why Manchester City does not deserve the criticism they face by opposition fans

227   //    14 Sep 2018, 09:24 IST

Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City - Premier League

Whenever I come across a post about Manchester City on various social networking platform or fans pages and websites, the comments section is always filled with comments along the lines 'City is a tin-pot club, they got no history'. I find it very disrespectful to the club identity as well as fans who supported their club all the way through the dark phase.

Manchester City v Newcastle United - Premier League
Guardiola's arrival has produced a lot of excitement for City fans

The owners of the club are super rich. They spend a lot of money on bringing new players, but where is the fault of fans. Do you expect them to stop supporting the club they love?

Even if they are spending big, why does it matter to supporters of other top clubs?

People still are living in dreams when they say that Manchester City artificially bought success with money when they don't know that in the past every team in one way or another, bought success "artificially". Teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal were among the grand clubs in the 1980s,1990s and they still are. They used to pour a lot of money to bring players. In short, the present big boys once spent a lot and it was also a part behind their success and fans should not moan when City is doing the same thing.

Teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are hugely followed, and the only reason behind it is that when this present generation of fans was growing up, these clubs used to dominate the league, used to win the titles and had best players.

Majority of foreign fans supports clubs for little more reason than they are famous and successful. Time has changed, and City is just building its fan base by its success. It is not different from what happened in the past during Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger era.

Why did not they picked teams like Sunderland and Newcastle United or West Bromwich Albion. Are not we all just glory hunters in hindsight. We all were glory hunters once.

Now let me address the issue regarding history and legacy. Manchester City is a club which is more than 100 years old and has won multiple trophies.


They have won the league, FA cup, and league cups. If you go by trophy count then you would find only six to eight clubs that have won major trophies in England, but does that give the right to supporters of these clubs to disrespect other teams?

Manchester City was once the big five of English football.

Manchester City v Huddersfield Town - Premier League
Manchester City celebrates the EPL title

Their period of their declined equaled with the rise of clubs like Manchester United and they were entirely overshadowed and forgotten over the time as they posed no threat and slowly became an irrelevant team.

People should get their head straight around the fact that there is a difference between history and legacy. Losers are also part of history whether it is a war, football match or any other competition. What is football for us? Is it just winning?

History is not a measuring scale of success, legacy is. It takes years to build the legacy, and it goes over my head how people use it as a criticism for a club. They don't have a rich trophy cabinet aka Legacy, but they still got a history to show.

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