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Paul Scholes: I Hope Samir Nasri Comes To Man United

Abhishek Iyer
1.06K   //    05 Jul 2011, 15:49 IST

Paul Scholes has given his stamp of approval over Manchester United’s pursuit of Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri, and taken an underhanded swipe at the North Londoners in the process by goading their pretty footballing style and saying that it matters for little in the end. He stated that the Gunners often ‘flatter to deceive’ and that Sir Alex Ferguson would never let Manchester United go six years without a trophy.

Scholes and Nasri- feisty midfielders

Nasri’s transfer saga has been one of the most drawn out and protracted affairs of the season, with the French international stalling over contract talks and refusing all deals offered to him by Arsenal. It is believed that wages were the sticking point, with the club refusing to break their rigid wage structure and Nasri thinking he deserved more than what was offered.

When Scholes was asked if Nasri was coming to United, he said-

“I hope so.”

And on long standing rivals Arsenal, he opined-

“They just flatter to deceive,”

“They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn’t always produce the results they need. It doesn’t irritate me that people say they’re the best footballing team because while they are doing that, we (United) are winning games.”

Scholes enjoyed plenty of high octane encounters with Arsenal during the course of his glittering career, but said that the current Arsenal side lacked the mojo of previous hard boiled teams like the one led by Patrick Vieira. He stated that it would be a very tough season for Arsenal if they lost three very vital players in Cesc Fabregas, Nasri and Gael Clichy. He said-

“They do play the best football to watch at times, but what is the point of that if you are not winning anything? Not only that, they are potentially going to lose their best players in (Cesc) Fabregas, (Samir) Nasri and (Gael) Clichy.”

“I don’t think our manager would allow this club to go six years without a trophy.”

Clichy has already left the club for the greener pastures and greener money of Manchester City, and speculation is perennially rife over Cesc Fabregas’s future at the Emirates. It remains to be seen whether Nasri joins the exodus out of Ashburton Grove or decides to stay on at the club. It it is the former, then Arsenal are set for a tough battle to remain in the Champions League next season as the Manchester clubs grow ever stronger. Stay tuned for more in this regard.

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