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I nearly gave up football in 2005: Juventus' Andrea Pirlo

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andrea pirlo
Andrea Pirlo reveals it all in an interview

In a recent interview with magazine Undici, Juventus midfielder and Italy legend Andrea Pirlo spoke about how close he was to hanging up his boots back in 2005 following AC Milan’s elimination from Champions League but insists that he is far from it right now.

"It was after the defeat with AC Milan to Liverpool in Istanbul," Pirlo was quoted by ESPN. "For a few days, I really was convinced that it was over. I did not have the strength. I couldn't come to terms with it or explain what had happened.”

"The day I leave football is still a long way off," the Italian midfielder added. "I always knew I was good. I was better than the others. I was never worried about the pressures of being tipped to make it either. In fact, that gave me an even greater sense of responsibility. Knowing I was talented made me want to improve every day.”

"It's my life; it's what I always wanted to do and want to do. It's been occupying my days for 20 years, in good and in bad, and it taught me my place on earth. I've learned lots, obviously, the first thing being never to forget to be grateful. The second is not to bear grudges because in football luck does not exist.”

"You can be lucky for a few years, but in the end your defects will emerge. The reality is different. People are watching you and those who know how to play will progress, while those who don't will remain in the lower levels."

"(Lazio president Claudio) Lotito's words make me lose my will to play football," he added. "Football should be a game for everybody and the sides who make it to Serie A are the ones who deserve it the most. When you hear certain things, you do think how lucky you are to be reaching the end."

Lotito was critical of the league, stating that clubs like Carpi, Frosinone or Latina were not good enough to play in Italian football. 

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