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Possible reasons for "God Save the King" banner during Barcelona vs Chelsea match

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FC Barcelona v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
FC Barcelona v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg

Barcelona hosted Chelsea in the Champions League round of 16 tie on 15th of March. Prior to the kickoff, FC Barcelona faithful at Camp Nou unfurled a huge banner "God Save the King" while they were singing El Cant del Barca.

It was accompanied by the image of Messi celebrating after the miracle vs Paris Saint-Germain last season. Match against Chelsea certainly lived up to the occasion.

The atmosphere was sizzling and electric as a huge number of fans turned up at the Camp Nou. But, what was the reason behind the "God Save The King" banner? Were there any special reasons?

Here are 3 possible reasons:

#1 Target at Spanish Government

One possible explanation could be that it was targeted at Spain's government. They were making fun of the Spanish king. It was quite funny and fantastic way to raise the voice against the government at Madrid.

It makes a lot of sense too if we consider the current political drama going in Spain. With Catalonia struggling and fighting for its independence and considering the fact that millions of people were watching the live telecast, it was the ideal moment to express the discontent towards the Spanish rule.

On a lighter note, They were trying to convey the message that king of Spain is Messi. We don't need a king. We have our own king.

#2 Target at Chelsea Fans

Another possible explanation could be that it was directed at Chelsea away fans. They were making fun of British national anthem "God Save the Queen". Chelsea fans who were at the away stands will never forget this stunning atmosphere.


In addition to that, I think it was a warning to Chelsea that Barcelona has Messi. Camp Nou has always been the 12th man for FC Barcelona. It was a big night and Camp Nou lived up to expectations.

#3 Respect for Messi

Fans at Camp Nou wanted Messi to know how much they love him. It's nearly impossible to think of FC Barcelona without Lionel Messi. It was a small tribute to Messi for everything he has done for the club.

Messi missed the match against Malaga due to personal reasons and Camp Nou showed how you should welcome your king. Later he returned the favour by scoring two goals that led Barcelona to a comfortable win against Chelsea.