Premier League 2018/19: Top 5 picks for the Manager of the Month award for August


#2 Maurizio Sarri - Chelsea

The Chel
The Chelsea 'Lanista' is enjoying his run

'Sarriball' was a term engraved for the style of possession football that this former Napoli coach reflected in his doings. The current Chelsea manager has made the kind of changes in the Chelsea lineup that even Antonio Conte couldn't have thought of. By producing one of the most efficient midfield mechanics, obliterating the opposition defence with his 'width based' attacking lineup, and combine aerial plays with ground passes, the Italian made sure that he grabbed those 9 points in the month of August, replaying the artistries of his Napoli days.

Maurizio Sarri has given a chance to every single person on the Chelsea bench to go out there and make a point, adding consistency and encouragement in the minds of the players. The experience of managing 18 different teams over the course of nearly 28 years has made him prominent, that a team like Chelsea is all that he needed. All for the sayings, it can be now confirmed that he is here to stay at the Stamford Bridge! However, a long season of both Premier League and Europa league up ahead, his real test is about to happen; but as this month closes, he is the true contender for his performance as a manager

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Edited by Amar Anand