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Real Madrid CF: Would a swap deal really help them?

Dev Gupta
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:58 IST

Isco Alarcon
Isco Alarcon

According to reports emerging from Spain, Florentino Perez seems to be planning a swap between Isco and Paulo Dybala.

There is no way Andrea Agnelli would let go of his prized asset this January. Even if we were to assume that a swap were to happen in a parallel universe, would it really help either of the two clubs involved?

Is a winger/striker the pressing need at Madrid right now? Conversely, is a mid-fielder really required at Juventus at this point in time?

Its true that Madrid haven't been scoring as much as they probably would have following the departure of a certain Portuguese. Given so, wouldn't it make more sense to sort out a defense that has conceded 20+ goals half-way through La Liga this season?

Sure, Paolo Dybala is a multi-talented player. He can act both as a creative mid-fielder and a prolific goal-scorer. He is 25 years old and therefore, he can serve as a long term replacement for Luka Modric. Having said so, the idea of a swap between Dybala and Isco raises eyebrows because Luka Modric already has several potential replacements at the club, Isco being one of them.

Speaking of Juventus, what have they got to gain from this deal? Isco has fallen behind the likes of Federico Valverde in Santiago Solari's starting line-up in most matches. His relationship with Solari has not been at its best to say the least. Evidently, he hasn't been a regular starter in 90% of all matches in all competitions under Solari.

Now, its common sense that the stock of a player is directly proportional to the number of minutes played.

Why would Juventus let a potential club legend leave them for a player who is not even required in a team that is already brimming with quality in the mid-field?

This deal is not happening any time soon and definitely not in this January. Florentino Perez would be better advised to stop dreaming.

Published 13 Jan 2019, 18:00 IST
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