Achraf Hakimi relies on his mother to save fortunes from ex-wife Hiba Abouk after divorce following rape charges against him: Reports 

Achraf Hakimi having a tough time off the pitch
Achraf Hakimi having a tough time off the pitch

Paris Saint-Germain fullback Achraf Hakimi has reportedly managed to find a loophole to save his assets in the divorce from his wife, Hiba Abouk. The duo separated following rape allegations against the Moroccan star.

Reports in France claim that 80% of the PSG star's salary goes to his mother. He keeps the rest 20%, and that has helped the footballer save a lot in the divorce settlement.

Abouk revealed that the couple were in the middle of a divorce when she released a public statement backing Hakimi last month. The PSG star was accused of rape, but the actress believes the accusations were false.

However, she did hint that it was the final straw in their divorce and that the process was set to begin. She posted on Instagram:

"The accusations are false. He is calm and is making himself available to the authorities. After having taken the decision to legally separate and to stop living together whilst awaiting the divorce procedure, which you can imagine, on top of the pain brought about by the separation, as well as having to accept the sadness that a failed project, which I gave my body and soul, brings, I was supposed to face up to this disgraceful act?"

Explaining her decision to take the time to get into the right mindset before talking, she added:

"I needed time to come to terms with this shock. One must trust the legal process, especially considering the gravity of the accusation. Nonetheless, in my life, I always have been, and always will be, on the side of victims."

Hakimi has continued playing for PSG meanwhile as they try to add yet another Ligue 1 title to their kitty.

Achraf Hakimi having a tough time off the pitch

Achraf Hakimi was accused of raping a woman in France in February. The woman approached the police for help but was reluctant to press charges before the prosecutors went ahead with the case as they were determined to get to the bottom of it.

Hakimi's mother has also claimed that the charges are false and that she is confident that her son is innocent. The PSG star has also denied the claims, but is yet to release a statement directly.

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