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Manchester United legend supports Diego Costa in stamp controversy

4.52K   //    31 Jan 2015, 03:19 IST
Paul Scholes supports Diego Costa on his recent controversy

London, January 30 (IANS) Manchester United legend Paul Scholes on Friday supported Chelsea striker Diego Costa, who was recently involved in a 'stamp' controversy in the past few days.

Spaniard Costa allegedly stamped on Liverpool's German defender Emre Can in the second leg of the Capital One cup semi-final at Stamford Bridge, which the blues clinched 2-1 on aggregate.

In a column written for the Independent, Scholes said that he supports the Spanish striker as he believes he was under severe provocation from Liverpool defenders.

"As for Diego Costa, I see it differently to the rest. I thought his actions were at the lower end of the scale of dangerous and that he was under extreme provocation from Martin Skrtel, who has wound him up before this season," the 40-year-old former midfielder Scholes wrote.

"My view of it was that Costa gets kicked a lot and actually his patience is to be admired in many, if not all, situations."

The Football Association has, however, decided to charge the Chelsea striker for the first of two alleged stamps that he committed during the match and banned him from three matches.