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Selling Courtois Isn't The Right Decision For Chelsea

Ade Dolapo
1.04K   //    25 Jun 2018, 20:46 IST

FC Barcelona v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
Thibaut Courtois

The Belgian star is one of the best goalies in the world, and it would be a mistake for Chelsea to release him at the moment.

"Everybody knows that due to my personal situation, Spain attracts me. If it is not now, it will be in some years. I'm calm. I'm happy at Chelsea. I just want to wait [over contract talks] because now there are many games and I prefer to have my head focused on that." - Thibaut Courtois to La Sexta

That particular statement has put Thibaut Courtois in hot water with some Chelsea fans. They finally had their time to explode when he played the second leg against Barcelona. Some Chelsea fans were angry, understandably and referred back to that statement. 'If he doesn't want to stay, he should leave, He isn't good enough anyway", and the funniest to me "Let's sell Courtois and replace him with Caballero".

A few months after that performance though, he came up against Liverpool. Fantastic performance if you ask me. Then there was the FA Cup, and he also proved himself. He showed with both performances that he's still one of the best young goalies on earth. 

As Chelsea prepare for the new season and hope to put things in order, Courtois has every reason and every right to remain our first choice next season. 

Football fans need to realize that football isn't just a game or something that succumbs to our wishes. It's a business, these players have careers, and it's wrong, even selfish, to think that they shouldn't look out for themselves. They are also humans. His reason for wanting to leave is very valid. He also wants to win a lot and, at the moment Chelsea don't seem to be able to give him that, to be very honest.

We all know Courtois' ability. We are very well aware of it. He's right up there with the best in the world if you ask me. We're also aware of how the transfer market has been for Chelsea in recent years. That's a topic for another day anyway, but at this moment, I won't vouch for Chelsea getting a better replacement for Courtois. It happened with Costa and Matic.

My conviction right now is if we lose Courtois, we won't find a proper replacement. Maybe Joe Hart, lol. As wild as that sounds, that's the feeling Chelsea has given me recently. Allison or Oblak? Not happening, my opinion though. Not even in this inflated market.

FC Internazionale v AS Roma - Serie A
Alison Becker

Next season is going to be tough. Potentially interesting but tough. Chelsea need all the world-class players at their disposal. Right now, there's no suitable replacement for Courtois at the club. Some fans hyped Caballero last season, I think we'd suffer heavily for it if we try that. He's a lot older and let's be frank, not as good as Courtois.

There is also the need to attract players. We can't attract players, quality players if our players aren't good enough in the first place. It's enough that we have the coach drama, we cannot afford to sell our world-class players also. 

Courtois has always been an outspoken person, right from under Mourinho. Sometimes, he talks too much, and it gets really annoying, but we need to understand that he's human and would naturally want to look out for himself. He also has the quality to back up his behaviour. There is a place for the loyalty of course, but decisions like this should be made after proper scrutiny. My opinion, sit down with Courtois and give him that new deal. It offers a lot more to us than we think.

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