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SK Adda: Should Manchester United spend £100m on Paul Pogba?

3.24K   //    26 Jul 2016, 17:21 IST
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Epue Emmanuel

Buy Pogba, buy the league.

Mohit Singh

Paul Pogba is one of the best midfielders in the world right now. He has got good pace and dribbling skills for a midfielder and he has got the age factor in his hand making him all the more valuable. 

He has got the time and potential to improve his skills and considering Manchester united do not have quality midfielders, he can help them dominate the midfield and create the gameplay to feed the ball to a legendary striker we have now.

So it's a win-win situation if United buy Pogba 

Kapil Gupta 

Definitely not! His playing style is the same as Di Maria so if he wasn't able to make much of a difference then Pogba should only be treated as a gamble. 

Even with Jose Mourinho, he won't be able to make so much of impact.
Here we can also compare him with the likes of Alexis & Ozil he can be a competition to them and they are also worth only 50-60 million and so is Pogba.

I also agree with what Scholes said about the 100million price tag. 

SK thinks: Di Maria? I'll have a bit of what you're having.

Shubh Agrawal 

Considering the reports that Mahrez has rejected Leicester contract maybe Man Utd should go after him as he will at least cost less but will be worth it or else go for Fabregas.

SK thinks: I think Arsenal might have something to say about this.

Narender Singh Negi

Instead of Pogba, they should buy Ronaldinho for free.

SK thinks: What an idea Sirji.

Sanjog Ghimire

Buy whole Juventus for 120. 

Bhaskar Bhatta

No, from this money they should try to catch both Kroos and Busquets. Kroos is better than Pogba, their passing is uncomparable. He can control the game much better than Pogba, plus Busquets will be a great addition. 

Pogba is not a pure box to box or a classy center midfielder like Kroos. The only thing he is better at is dribbling. But for a holding midfielder dribbling is not so important but to play the ball quickly and put it in a  good area very quickly is most important. 

Also, Pogba doesn't have the quality of reading the game and intercept the passes which Busquets has. The main thing is that he is not a pure goal scorer or a great at making assists. Yeah, he's talented and has great skill on the ball, but as a holding or central midfielder he is not better than Kroos, Modric or Busquets. So, I don't think he is worth of 100 m. 50-55 m would be fair.

SK thinks: Best of luck convincing Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Pushpam Devendra Kadam 

There are people actually working over at Old Trafford and Manchester United. They know what is good and will make decisions.  Stop wasting your time people. No one needs stupid suggestions.

SK thinks: Looks like someone's having a bad day.

Thmz Marakq

Who is this Pogba??

SK thinks: A player who is apparently worth more than an Airbus A320neo.

Krish Bhattacharyya

I have a question - Does Man Utd, a club without Champions League football deserve Paul Pogba?

Gurcharan Sidhu

I think yes both from a commercial as well as team point of view. It would provide Mourinho with the freedom of having a player who can play up front, in the midfield as well as the back. Now from the commercial point of view it would grow Man United's already large fan base, also if he fails to fire I believe he can be sold for at least a quarter of the fee. 

And also this signing will have a psychological impact on the team too.  So yes I believe with the kind of form he has been in for the last year he deserves this price tag.

Ashish Bharma

Zlatan's shirt sales will be more than Pogba's fee 

Ronaldo Adeiu

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