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Epic sketchbook animation of Cristiano Ronaldo's journey from Manchester to Madrid

Animator Richard Swarbrick has outdone himself with a very cool video that literlaly takes you through Ronaldo's career from Manchester to Madrid

News 13 Jan 2015, 16:57 IST

While Cristiano Ronaldo was waiting to pick up his third Ballon D’Or award, artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick was already busy making another one of his famous animation videos. And his most recent video is one on the Real Madrid star himself.

The video is a time-lapse of various photos. But they're not just ordinary photos. They are in fact photos of his sketchbook where he has painstakingly painted each and every frame of famous moments of magic from the Portuguese forward. Swarbrick starts where Ronaldo’s career took off – Old Trafford, Manchester United. As he moves through Manchester, he shows various goals and moves that made Ronaldo a Premier League star.

Swarbrick then shifts his focus to Madrid – literally. He actually makes his way to the Spanish city as Ronaldo exchanges the United shirt for the famous white kit of Real Madrid. The animation comes alive again with some spectacular goals and also his second Ballon D’Or crown while also highlighting the new goal celebration that we’ve come to see so often over the course of the year 2014.

This video is a must-watch!

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