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Some ridiculous anti-Messi arguments!

Real Betis Balompie v FC Barcelona - La Liga

So I am a Barcelona fan, and yeah, I like Messi (My favorite is Puyol actually, then Xavi, then Iniesta, then Ronaldinho, and finally Messi).

But just as there are people who would build temples dedicated to Messi (if they had the funds), there are people who hate Messi more than Luis Suarez hates Patrice Evra. Perhaps, it is because Messi humiliates most of the sides he faces (except Chelsea; but then again, Messi doesn’t play in the Europa League). Another reason Messi is so hated is because he is constantly competing with Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t know why you hate Messi. It’s not like you could manage to play even 0.000000001% of the football Messi can. But I will certainly point out some absolutely hilarious arguments I have been given against Messi. Most of them are centered around Ronaldo. Go figure!

1. Ronaldo is better than Messi because he creates his own chances, not like Messi, who relies on other people’s pass

Okay, this guy has GOT TO BE KIDDING! I mean, he took the very idea of football, smashed it with a hammer, threw it down the garbage chute, buried it in toxic waste, dug it back out, had Hulk (The green monster one) remove all his anger on it, and finally danced all over the remnants. Football without passing?!

2. Barcelona are useless because they rely too heavily on Messi

But Barcelona without Messi won the World Cup and two Euros!! (Oh, please don’t tell me you take this seriously as well!). Barcelona have David Villa, who can score just as many, and just as well, when he needs to.

3. Messi only scores because of Xavi and Iniesta

But wait, isn’t assisting goals kind of a midfielder’s job?! Or do you play football with 11 strikers?

Barcelona's Argentinian player Lionel Me

4. Messi is just a lucky player

So those absolutely astounding dribbles, shots through small gaps, deceptive penalties, etc. are all luck? I’m too struck by the absurdity of this statement to even try to reason.

5. Messi doesn’t perform in important matches

Do you believe that someone actually said that?! He was just lucky I didn’t have my shotgun close at hand!

6. Anybody can dribble and pass, but Ronaldo does tricks. That is why Ronaldo is better than Messi

Hmmm, so by that logic, Maradona, Cruyff, Guardiola, and Garrincha were all ordinary players? Man, what have you been drinking? Dribbling isn’t easy at all; trust me, I’ve tried it, and it takes months just to partially perfect one dribble. However, tricks aren’t easy either.

7. Ronaldo has more shots on goal, so he is better than Messi

Granted, Ronaldo has more shots. He even has more goals. But so what? Messi is as close on goals, and there are no points earned for shots. Shoot 100 times, and if they are saved, then the keeper gets the credit. Shoot once, and if it goes in, then the striker gets the credit.

In conclusion: Both players are absolutely fantastic and a treat to watch. Deal with it.

P.S. - Keep posting ridiculous reasons like the ones I spoke of. We could use a few laughs at you. But don’t blame me if people abuse you; all Barcelona fans are not as mild-mannered as I am!

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