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The best, the worst and the unexpected transfers in football

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Manchester United Press Conference

Wayne Rooney

No transfer window is complete without a flurry of activity peppered with speculation, rumours and the constant cries and demands of the fans.

The closing of the transfer window is no less than an end of season sale with managers scrambling to grab the best left in the pile. Arsenal broke its own record yesterday by paying the highest they ever have by buying the German midfielder Mesut Ozil for a whopping 42.4m.

This surpasses their previous highest purchase of Andrey Arshavin by 28m. Here’s a list of a couple of notable transfer window signings that have taken place in the Premier league over the years:

1. The most expensive deal to have ever been made for a teenager in the Premier League, is the transfer of Wayne Rooney from Everton to Manchester United in the year 2004.

Rooney was only 18 when he agreed to move to United for a fee of 25.6 million which undoubtedly made it one of the best value for money moves that were made. Eight seasons later, Rooney continues to play with the same class, having scored over 180 goals in his glowing career at the club.

2. Arsenal had also carried forward a great bargain for striker Robin Van Persie in the same year Rooney moved to United. His move from Arsenal to Manchester United last season was for 24 million, which was more than tenfold of the deal made by Arsenal to buy him from Feyenoord.

The 2.75 million spent by Arsenal proved to be one of the greatest negotiations ever, as his career with Arsenal and his current form speaks for itself.

Another wise buy made by Wenger would be the transfer of Marc Overmars for a sum of 5.5million and then selling him off to Barcelona for more than five times the amount after getting three years of splendid performances out of him, including winning the league championship.

3. Money cant buy class and it certainly cannot guarantee the success of a player at a club. This can be exemplified by the pocket pinching move of Fernando Torres for the staggering sum of 50 million.


His switch from Liverpool to Chelsea did not come along with his consistency in goal scoring. Soon enough, the only area he was ranked highly in was the worst signings in the Premier league and his Youtube videos on his several goal misses.

4. One of the most unexpected deals was Robinho’s move from Real Madrid to Mancherster City for 32.5 million. Having already stated his desire to play for Chelsea, a last minute move finalized his transfer to City.

The deal was so sudden that even Robinho took time to process it as he stated that he was “happy to move to Chelsea” during his press conference, only to be corrected soon after. The only good kicks this transfer gave was the hilarity of the video of his press conference blunder.

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