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The best, the worst and the unexpected transfers in football

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5. Topping the list of highly unpopular transfers is Luis Figo’s move from Barcelona to rival team Real Madrid.

This deal infuriated fans so much that when he came to play for the El Clasico at Camp Nou, they went as far as throwing a decapitated pig’s head at him amongst a volley of other objects.

Needless to say that is one very popular pig’s head that enjoys his new home at a museum now.

6. This one, I like to call as the most ridiculous transfers ever. Liverpool were so desperate to get their hands off Andy Caroll that they agreed to pay him around 1 million in addition to his transfer fee at West Ham even though his move was a loss for them, considering that they bought him for 35 million from Newcastle.

7. The shortest transfer is that of Martin Demichelis who signed for Athletico two months ago before declaring his move to Manchester City this season. Valued at 4 million, City aim to use him as a replacement for Kolo Toure’s transfer to Liverpool.

Martin Demichelis

8. Javier Mascherano had a very controversial transfer with his move to Liverpool, being approved by the Premier League after the transfer deadline had passed. He was bought on loan from West Ham before moving to Barcelona in 2010.

9. The last one is not an actual transfer but one that I wish would’ve taken place. Arsene Wenger was looking forward to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for Arsenal before he moved to Manchester United.

Wenger even joked that he wished he could’ve seduced Ronaldo the same way he charmed the Portuguese’s mother.

What do you think are the most notable moves in transfer history that have affected clubs for better or for worse?

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