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The biggest trolls in football

6.89K   //    23 Mar 2012, 21:41 IST

The Internet defines a troll as “an internet term for a person who, through willful action, attempts to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages”.

While trolling about online is an act that most of us have done or have suffered at the ‘keyboards’ of someone, trolling is a much bigger phenomenon which is not just confined to the safety and sanctity of the online world, rather, it has become a part and parcel of everyone’s daily life and its no different in sport.

So here are the top trolls to have ventured and cross connected online trolling with sport.

Titus Bramble/Jean Alain Boumsong

This deadly duo should have their names in the upper echelons of defensive greats. Sarcasm very much intended, both of them are tremendous for their own team, alone they are a calamity waiting to happen. Together they were unbelievable at Newcastle, that was the last thing that the Geordie fans would have wanted, credit to Boumsong who also somehow got to play for the Old Lady, Juventus, What were you thinking?

No we can't

Djimi Traore

Liverpool fans and footballers alike will marvel at the troll life story of Djimi Traore, a crazy 360 own goal in the 3rd round of the FA cup in 2005 followed by playing in the Champions League Final and winning it against a much better and classier AC Milan in Istanbul. For Djimi, the word ‘Legend’ fits well. Quotes like “Djimi Traore has won more Champs League medals than the entire Arsenal/Chelsea team”. Trolled hard.

Have YOU won the champions league? I HAVE. GTFO!


This dynamic duo would be the best attacking pair if it weren’t for their price tags. A combination of 85 million pounds,well to be fair, nothing much can be said about them. Carroll being the big lump who can’t seem to head properly even though he is a huge centre-forward, while Torres who was once scoring freely at a goal every two games, has now scored only 7 goals in 53 appearances for Chelsea.

Both Liverpool and Chelsea must be asking the same question:

When he don't he don't, when he do he don't.

Wayne Rooney

Apart from being a Liverpudlian and playing for their great rivals Man United, Rooney has had a habit of trolling about, not in terms of his footballing skills, no doubt that he is one of the best English players around, but last season he came up with this whole saga that he would leave United since they weren’t playing upto the standards. While the whole footballing fraternity were competing with each other to sign Rooney. Read: Man City, Barcelona, AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Afterwards events unfolded in a spectacular U Turn.[not better than Djimi's] Rooney was “convinced” to stay at United, which means he was paid way more to stay still. Financial “problem”?

Money makes the world go round in Wayne's world

Emmanuel Eboue
The former Arsenal and now Galatasaray player is a well loved and equally hated player. Versatile as he was on the field often playing in midfield as well as defense, he was just as versatile before the game would start or during the breaks. The Trollness of this player reached epic proportions, during the 2010 world cup when Ivory Coast played the Democratic Republic of Korea, North Korea for the rest of you folk, while the Korean manager was discussing tactics, Eboue stood there like he understood every word of it.

The madness didn’t stop there, he is well known for his “Frog” warm ups during his time at Arsenal, sadly the troller becomes a trollee later on, Galatasaray fans have taken the “Boo Eboue” campaign far too seriously and he was pelted with coins and missiles during one of their fixtures.

"Smile Luca, I be trolling you now

Mario Balotelli
The King of trolls, Old King Troll was a sad old soul and a sad old soul was he. He would not smile, he would not laugh but troll people he would with his firecracker and stuff.
Ok that was a poor attempt at rhyming but still, this legend of trolling is the king for sure. From alleged visits to a strip club to bursting firecrackers in the toilet and scaring a journalist at his training ground, nothing much can be said about King Troll that has not been already said.

Fight around me, I don't respond , LIKE A BOSS

A Liverpool fan just trying to live the dream. When will that league title come?
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