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"They're brilliant on the field, and off it too" - 5 footballers who do charity work

Akshay Ron
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The thought of the footballers brings a flurry of images to your mind. The main ones would be the flashy hair, nice boots, his shirt number, the way he does tricks, whether he performs well against your team? All these would define the way a person sees a footballer. But we fail to realize one thing. They too, are humans first. All the fame comes second in line to the fact that they are superstars. The overwhelming attention that is that is burdened upon them often overlooks the work done by them towards the society. Their footballing affiliations and their on-field endeavors often turn the tables against them when they are portrayed by the media. They are the victims of media’s constant allegations and their good work often goes largely unnoticed.

Here are 5 players who are contributing to the welfare of so many in the world even though this never makes the headlines. Well, probably that’s the beauty of doing this :

Craig Bellamy

The arid sunshine on Africa has rather pushed those children into darkness without giving them a way out of their troubles. For all we knew, Africa had no dearth of talent, arguably warranted by the fact that they consistently produce some of the best players in the world. However, consistency means only one or two great players every generation. That is certainly not anywhere near the potential that is hidden there.

That is where, Craig Bellamy stepped in. Not the flashiest footballer in his days, still he is one of the most respected footballers in the Premier League. Having played for many teams throughout his career, his Cardiff and Manchester City days were certainly his best. In 2009, he established the Craig bellamy foundation ( CBF ) with support from the UNICEF. Aimed at bringing out young talent from the grassroots, he set up his academy in the war-ravaged Sierra Leone.

In a country which has yet to recover from the devastation caused by a civil war, the children are longing to find a path that leads to glory. In an already-poor African Continent, Sierra Leone is one of the poorest and most families cannot afford secondary facilities to education and shelter. Bellamy has set up a football league structure that nurtures the dreams of 2400 children – both boys and girls. The league’s model and structure makes sure that every child is educated and made aware of the principles of fair play.

The children who produce eye-catching performances are given special attention and coaching and stand a chance of trials in Europe.

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