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Things that you could get with PSG’s €222 million offer for Neymar 

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14.34K   //    20 Jul 2017, 15:31 IST

FC Barcelona v Rayo Vallecano - La Liga
Neymar could become the most expensive player of all time

For most of the window, people were certain that Kylian Mbappe would go on to become the most expensive player in the history of the game. The amounts quoted for him in the news outlets were more than the budget of many third-world countries.

In this market, even with inflation at a peak, signing an 18-year-old, who has just played seven months of competitive football, for around €150 million is astonishing, to say the least. He would not only become the most expensive teenager, but also the most expensive player ever.

However, it no longer seems like the Monaco starlet will be the first €150 million man as that honour might just go to Neymar. According to several reports, Paris-Saint Germain have made a world-record €222 million bid for the Brazilian, which will have to be accepted given that it meets his release clause. 

What’s more, Unai Emery’s side, reportedly, agreed terms with the player even before bidding the amount. €222 million for Neymar, when compared to some of the ridiculous amounts paid in this window, is actually justified, especially when you consider the commercial aspect that Neymar brings with him.

Now, €222 million is a lot of money. It can buy one a lot of things, so here is a list of things that Neymar’s release clause can get you.

#1 65 Aston Martin MA-RB 001s

Aston Martin AM-RB 001
Aston Martin AM-RB 001

According to Forbes, the Aston Martin MA-RB 001 is the most expensive car in 2017 to own. The price of a single Aston Martin is $3.9 million, which is roughly €3.38 million. As a result, PSG could actually buy 65 units of the car and still have some money remaining in their bank.

#2 Approximately 21 carats of the Kohinoor diamond

The Kohinoor diamond is one of the most expensive stones in the world. The exact value of the diamond isn’t known, but since it is a part of the British crown – which is worth $10-12 billion – it is estimated that the diamond itself is worth somewhere around a billion dollars. The whole diamond weighs 105.6 carats, so it is only safe to assume that with €222 million, one can own at least 20% (21 carats) of the stone.

#3 One Boeing 747 and one Trump’s Boeing 757

Donald Trump's 757
Donald Trump's 757

When you are rich, you need to show it off by buying planes. The Boeing 747 costs around $153 million while Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 is around a $100 million. When combined, they sum up to $253 million (€220 million), which still leaves PSG with €2 million still to spare.

#4 31 Diamond Rose iPhones

Having an iPhone is apparently a way of showing off one’s social status. Otherwise, there is no other explanation for buying such an over-expensive product.

As it turns out, the Diamond Rose iPhone is the most expensive in the world, costing a whopping $8 million (€6.94 million) per-piece. So, for €222 million, one would be able to buy 31 Diamond Rose iPhones and still have some spares.

Also, one could buy a staggering 232,600 iPhone 8s – set to release in September at around €950 – for €222 million.

#5  984076 bars of To’ak chocolate

To’ak chocolate
To’ak chocolate

The world’s most expensive chocolate ever was sold a little over two years ago in 2015 when the To’ak chocolate went for sale. It is estimated that only 574 bars of it were harvested in 2014, with a price of €225 being set on each.

For €222 million, 984076 bars of this chocolate could have been bought, but this is rendered obsolete given that only 574 were available. The next best alternative is the 1.5 ounce Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Madeline truffle that is worth €216, which means 1,013,440 truffles for €222 million.

#6 94762 Industry Kitchen Pizzas

Industry kitchen pizza with 24k-gold flakes, foie gras, truffles, and caviar
Industry kitchen pizza with 24k-gold flakes, foie gras, truffles, and caviar

According to the Guinness World Records, the world’s most expensive Pizza, that is commercially available, is sold at the Industry Kitchen in New York and is worth $2700 (€2342). Roughly calculating, with €222 million, one could devour 94762 Industry Kitchen Pizzas – basically a lifetime supply of Pizzas.

#7 Eradicating world hunger for three days

According to some studies, it would take $30 billion (€26 billion) a year to remove world hunger. So, by some simple mathematical calculations, it could be estimated that €222 million would fill every starving person’s stomach for 3 days. But, well, there are better things to do like, I don't know, spending $500 billion-per-year on military... I guess.

#8 1 Al Mirqab yacht

The Al Mirqab yacht
The Al Mirqab yacht

Yachts are meant for people who love to live a lavish lifestyle and chill over the calm waters with booze and whatnot. While €222 million won’t be able to buy the world’s most expensive yacht – The History Supreme worth $4.8 billion – it certainly does match the valuation of Al Mirqab.

This is a luxury yacht owned by Qatar’s former Prime Minister, Jaber Al Thani, and is worth $250 million (€216 million). €222 million falls just short of Arsenal shareholder, Alisher Usmanov’s, yacht, the Dilbar, by a million.

Fun fact: Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic owns the second most expensive yacht in the world – The Eclipse – which is worth €1.65 billion.

#9 8528 units of 8Pack OrionX

8Pack Orion X
The 8Pack Orion X

This one is for the gamers. While the most expensive computer is the diamond-adorned Luvaglio One Million Dollar laptop – which is, as the name suggests, worth $1 million – we will stick to the gaming end of things and list the 8Pack Orion X worth $30000 (€26000) here.

For €222 million, a gaming addict could buy 8528 units of this astute machine.

#10 92.5% of the world’s most expensive island

Lisbon Island is the world’s most expensive island. Standing as a doorstep to Portugal, the 3000-acres island is worth €240 million, which is 92.5% of €222 million.

If, however, one wants to own an island completely, then the second most expensive island – Ronde Island in the Caribbean worth $100 million (€86.79 million) – is the way to go. They can actually buy two Ronde Islands with €222 million.

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