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Toni Kroos celebrates Goldberg's WWE return

One Superstar returned, another celebrated!

When he isn’t passing teams to death, he’s watching the WWE!

World Wrestling Entertainment is an enigma that has caught the imagination of billions of people across the world. For generations WWE superstars have defined the way we look at celebrity superstars – just whisper Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson or 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and you can hear the heartbeats of grown men (guys in their late twenties) race ahead. 

One of those men just happened to be the World Cup Winning midfielder (and Champions League winning midfielder) and all-around awesome passing machine, Toni Kroos. 

When wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg broke the internet with his return in the Survivor Series, he was one of the many of us whose brains had a collective ecstatic meltdown. 

For the uninitiated, Goldberg had left the WWE after a win against beast that is Brock Lesner back in 2004; and the 49-year old returned, it was Lesner who was waiting for him. In an epic finish, the returning superstar annihilated Lesner in just EIGHTY FIVE seconds.

Toni Kroos took to twitter to celebrate the massive event - 

 Goldberg hit Lesnar off with two of his trademark spears and then finished him off with a Jackhammer. 

WWE and football share a connect in more ways than just this – 3 time heavyweight champion of the world - Seamus is a noted Liverpool song and trolled fans at Manchester by singing “You'll Never Walk Alone”

As celebrities, it doesn't get bigger than the Rock and David Beckham, and when Becks moved over to LA, it was but natural that they would forge an 'electrifying' friendship 

Rey Mysterio, quite naturally, is an ardent fan of Mexico and loves Real Madrid. 

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Meanwhile, it works both ways, Daniel Sturridge – walking hospital bill and Liverpool FC forward – once said that his childhood dream was to be a wrestler, much like his childhood idol – the Undertaker! 

In his own words - “It was exciting to see, and it was inspiring actually - it was a fun thing to watch."

Others have actually followed up on their dreams – Former Burton Albion keeper Stuart Tomlinson made the leap to professional wrestling, but it's ex-Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim keeper Tim Wiese who will always hog the spotlight. Having completed 15 seasons in the Bundesliga, he made the big step and got into the WWE.  

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